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When Cat Piss Drug M-CAT Had the World Purring

Remember when bath salts like M-Cat had an entire generation of young folks acting like porn stars and smelling like cat piss? We do too.

John Hood
John Hood, on May 11, 2022

Feds Arrest a Dozen Drug Dealing Doctors & Dentists

Drug dealing to get out of poverty is one thing. But drug dealing to burnish a medical degree? That’s a whole ‘nother thing entirely. An ugly thing.

John Hood
John Hood, on May 8, 2022

State-by-State Drug Use Rates: Latest Findings

After over half a century of waging the War on Drugs, the state-by-state drug use rate is higher than ever. How does your state stack up?

John Hood
John Hood, on May 6, 2022

Testing Fake Pain Pills with the DEA

The DEA’s Chicago lab is testing fake pain pills by the boatload. We followed KMBC 9 News Investigative Reporter Matt Flener to find out why.

John Hood
John Hood, on May 5, 2022

Services Over Sentences: Boston Expands Diversion Program

Interim Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden sics city’s Services Over Sentences program on Boston’s notorious Mass & Cass district.

John Hood
John Hood, on May 3, 2022

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