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Athletic Goes Outside the Sobriety Box

Athletic isn’t just non-alcoholic; it’s anti-meh. It’s also a wicked swift kick for the sober. Consider the beer game irrevocably changed.

John Hood
John Hood, on November 18, 2021

Demi Lovato’s Heartfelt New Tribute is, Well, Unforgettable

Few folks have navigated their recovery journey with the indefatigable candor of Demi Lovato. So it’s no surprise the track “Unforgettable” continues that candid tradition.

John Hood
John Hood, on November 17, 2021

Hailey Bieber is a Sobering Super Celeb

Few folks get more attention lavished upon them than Hailey Bieber Baldwin. Even fewer manage too rise above the fray — and then stay there.

John Hood
John Hood, on November 14, 2021

Susan’s Brain: How Opioids Work, in Four Elegant Minutes

Susan’s Brain sums up in four elegant minutes what some folks take years to figure out — addiction is rooted in science, not choice.

John Hood
John Hood, on November 13, 2021

Anaheim Ducks GM Resigns Over Alcohol-Fueled Workplace Abuse

In yet another case of It Could Happen to Anyone, Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray resigned his position over apparent alcohol issues.

John Hood
John Hood, on November 11, 2021

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