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Ropes Challenge Course

Adventure Therapy

Experiential therapy combines methods from Gestalt and Cognitive Therapies. It was developed in the 1970s and it allows clients to partake in therapeutic activities through active experiences. Healing Properties uses a multitude of interactive interventions and experiences in addition to traditional talk therapy methods. Experiential therapy assists you with gaining deeper access to your emotional processes, inner thoughts, and interactions with others.

Ropes courses (also referred to as challenge courses) have been utilized since the early 1940s and are form of adventure therapy. At Healing Properties, we utilize three different types of challenge courses called ground initiatives, low initiatives, and high initiatives. The overall goal is that you experience the ability to reflect on your choices and decisions as you move throughout your early recovery; thanks in part to Healing Properties’ week-long ropes course.


Clients participate in challenge course activities with both highly trained experts and our clinical staff. At the ropes course, you are provided with close instruction, oversight, and coaching to ensure that all mental barriers can be challenged and worked through to resolve. It should be noted that physical fitness is not a prerequisite to your successes in adventure therapy. Ropes challenge course allows you to develop new skills, stretch your limitations, and work through discomfort. The most beneficial part of our week-long ropes challenge course is that are provided with an escape from turmoil and stress present within your life.

Healing Properties’ ropes challenge course will bring to light many stressors including relationship exploration, family or origin dynamics, conflict resolution skills, listening and assertive communication skills, and self-esteem issues.
Following each day of ropes challenge course activities, you will partake within a process group with your peers and clinical staff to reflect upon the successes of each day and areas for improvement moving forward.
Our ropes challenge course requires you to utilize a high level of communication throughout both the activities outside on the course and within group therapy session following the course activities.

In the daily therapy group, you are encouraged to share and reflect on your personal thoughts, insight, feelings, and awareness learned on each date. You are encouraged to share this with the group so that it can be applied to your life and the lives of your peers in treatment.


This social and interactive experience of our ropes course will challenge you to become more confident, communicative, and learn to have fun while in early recovery. Learning to have fun is very important while you are in early recovery. Research shows that having fun can provide you with stress relief from negative life events provide you with temporary relief by generating optimism, provide you with a sense of normalcy and control, and also provide you with temporary relief from pain by generating optimism. Most importantly, our ropes course helps you to increase your motivation, learn to look forward to the future, and also develop a perception that you actually do possess the skills needed to attain new goals.


Healing Properties’ ropes challenge course is beneficial for addiction recovery, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. A boost in confidence will occur when you master the course. The benefits of our ropes course will help you to transfer skills learned into other areas of functioning including cooperation, goal-setting, strategic risk-taking, and problem-solving. Our ropes course will help you with learning to build trust in others and celebrate interpersonal growth with teamwork. Studies show that ropes challenge courses can help you to facilitate healthier behaviors and relationships moving forward.

A small list of other benefits include:

  • Personal growth
  • Boosting confidence
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Practicing teamwork and cooperation
  • Exhibiting Leadership
  • Utilizing creativity
  • Assertive communication
  • Healthy trust and boundaries
  • Relationship building with peers
  • Increased ability to problem-solve
  • Stress management skills
  • Mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Communicating in a group setting
  • Learning self-schemas
  • Utilizing problem-solving
  • Optimistic outlook
  • Facing and overcoming fear(s)
  • Planning to reach an outcome
  • Better awareness of self
  • Expansion of comfort zone
  • Surrendering to the group
  • Accepting your feelings
  • Supporting others
  • Celebrating small milestones
  • Listening skills
  • Additional coping and behavioral skills


Healing Properties coordinates with Florida Atlantic University’s staff members to present to their challenge ropes course with a clear set of goals, expectations, and themes to be addressed each day. These goals are tailored and specific to you and your peer group. Healing Properties will help you to understand the decision made for each day and what the specific agenda will be. Characteristics of our week-long ropes course will include:

Ground Initiatives:

These will include both Energizers and Ice Breakers. These activities help you to understand your peer group outside of treatment. This helps you to start to lower down your defense mechanisms and let down your protective walls. These walls have been long-standing as they protect us from uncomfortable feelings and the discomforts of mental health, medical problems, vocational issues, financial difficulties, and other stressors present. These initiatives force you to begin to work through disagreements.

Portable and Low Elements:

These include initiatives and activities designed to help you and your peer group work specifically on leadership, communication, team work, and problem solving. A high degree of communication skills are utilized, including both listening and speaking, are needed within these activities. Clinical staff and ropes challenge course facilitators will help you to improve on your personal strengths and weaknesses. As each member works on their own weaknesses the group as a whole becomes stronger.

High Elements:

These elements will begin with you and your peer group when team achievement and communication has been resolved thoroughly. Ropes challenge course high initiatives occur between 20 and 50 feet within the air and focus on the group supporting each individual. Each group member will be responsible for a specific duty to aid in your individual achievement. High elements are what most people think of when they think of a ropes challenge course.

Below are some photos and videos of Healing Properties’ clients partaking in ground, low, and high elements within our week-long ropes challenge course.

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