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Healing Properties, Delray Beach Sober Living House in Florida, is dedicated to assisting you in every way possible to achieve a productive and successful livelihood while you stay with us and the other residents of the halfway house.

To achieve this goal, we are extremely selective in our screening process and are only interested in individuals and potential halfway house residents who take their recovery as serious and motivated as the other guests. We provide you with random drug and alcohol testing and your involvement in a 12 step program is required.

In an effort to provide the healthiest and most harmonious living environment possible, all admissions will be subject to a one week trial period. At the end of this period, Healing Properties Sober Living Management, in conjunction with or without input from the existing halfway house residents, will determine suitability of continued residence at Healing Properties Sober Living in Delray. If the intended prospect is determined unsuitable, his unused rent will be refunded (provided he is not dismissed for any rule violations!) and our relationship will be terminated. Halfway house residents may also exercise above mentioned trial option in the first week period only.

We at Healing Properties Sober Living have found through experience that as our common struggle is that we are alcoholic and that our common bond is the solution of Alcoholics Anonymous, we must all learn to live and grow together as one alcoholic helping another alcoholic, no matter what our social or economic experience has been.

Healing properties Sober Living is sorry to say that we are not equipped to handle persons who are diagnosed with Schizophrenia and or any Psychotic Disorders and will only take new halfway house residents with Bi-Polar Disorder that have been stabilized on their medication prior to admission.

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If you are a man afflicted with addiction, call Healing Properties today to get help overcoming and achieving a productive & successful Sober Living.

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