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Is There a Sober House Near Me? You Bet!

Is There a Sober House Near Me? You Bet!

Every day in every way millions and millions of Americans ask: Is there a sober house near me? Sometimes they ask silently. Sometimes they ask aloud. They sometimes even loudly shout it out from the rooftops. Why? Because they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and they’ve no choice but to climb up the stairs, exit to the roof, raise their face to the skies and shout it out loud. (No Kiss mask required.)

Whatever the case, is there a sober house near me? could very well mark the first day of the rest of someone’s life. It could also be just the question that saves that very life.


Is There a Sober House Near Me?

Again, it’s a terrific question. And again, it may just be a life-saving question to boot. When someone starts searching for a sober home, they’re signaling a need for help. It’s an admission. And not an easy admission to make either. So it’s important an answer comes through asap — if not even sooner.

Is there a time sooner than asap? We’re not sure. But we’ll take the closest to soonest. Just so long as there’s an answer. And that answer comes lickety-split. Because like we said, there’s nothing easy about this question and we can’t stand around waiting.

You can’t stand for just any answer either. You want a sober house. And you’d like it to be close. But it’s also gotta be reputable. That means, it’s gotta be safe and secure. It’s gotta adhere to local, state and federal guidelines. And, more importantly, it’s gotta get results. You don’t want to waste your time around a bunch of no account clowns. You can’t. Your life is far too valuable for that nonsense.

So you’ll want to do your homework. Check out the sober home’s stats and facts. Then recheck ’em. See if they hold up. Remember, you’ll be entrusting this sober loving facility with a large chunk of your life. So the place better be worth it.

But just what to check? Well, we’ve provided a helpful list of parameters that all reputable sober homes should abide by. If , that is, they’re a truly reputable sober home.

Sober Home Tips

What follows are a few of the most essential components to be found in all reputable sober homes. Please take care to check each off your list before committing to any sober living facility.


How long has the sober home in question been in business? One year? Two years? A decade? More? Sure, some new sober houses are definitely well worth investigating, so don’t count out a place simply because it’s just opened. But if a sober living facility has been around for awhile, chances are better than good it’s doing something right.


How about a sober home’s previous tenants? What do they say about the facility? Is it all unicorns and rainbows? Or is it more Nightmare on Sober Street? Of course, too many unicorns and rainbows could very well be a sign something’s amiss. Same goes for a series of unending nightmares. But you’re smart. You can tell who’s being honest or not. Especially if a facility has both written and video reviews. Oh sure, some addicts could get away with giving false testimony to God. But for the most part, a nice combination of written and filmed testimonials will provide enough evidence to say Yay or Nay.


Yeah, we know. Not everyone is on board with Alcoholics Anonymous and its Big Book, let alone with the 12 Steps contained therein. But until someone comes up with a better blueprint for living, we’re gonna stick to this one. After all, it works. And why argue with that? But it’s true. 12 Stepping also takes work. Often hard work too. You’ll be tasked with assessing your past, evaluating your present, and facing the future. Sometimes simultaneously. Mostly though, you’ll be held accountable. To yourself. And to a community. A community that’ll provide strength and comfort and support if you in turn are strong, comforting and supportive. Yes, it’s that kind of quid pro quo. But if you’re game, AA’s strategy is incredibly winning.


Does the sober home provide any additional programs? They could be AA-related. Say, in-house meetings, Big Book study groups or sponsorship programs. Ideally though, they’d address other recovery elements, such as family and wellness. In fact, family matters are especially crucial to address in early recovery. So check to see if the sober home has family-incorporating programs. Wellness and fitness are also a big plus, considering the wear and tear we’ve put on our bodies and our minds. Some sort of relapse prevention program is also a big plus. And many sober living facilities are now offering those as well. Perhaps the biggest plus though (and one that certainly attests to a facility’s strength and character) is its alumni program. If a sober home has a strong alumni family and that family is actively involved in its day-to-day you can pretty much be certain it’s a reputable sober home.

Healing Properties

Healing Properties sober house has been helping men achieve and maintain sobriety since 2002. That’s nearly two decades of continuously aiding and abetting men who’ve committed to turning around their lives. In fact, we go one step further. We’re not content to simply help turn around a life — we help do whatever it takes to achieve even the wildest of dreams.

In other words, we’re all about succeeding in sobriety, to whatever degree desired. Achieving the heretofore unachievable and prevailing where others said prevailing was impossible. We turn naysayers into yaysayers, comprende? Often before they even know what hits ’em.

How? By offering a robust aftercare program that addresses each and every aspect of recovery. By adhering to AA’s 12 Steps, we follow a blueprint that helps build structured and purposeful lives. Lives full of gratitude and possibility. By offering both in-house and off-property wellness and fitness programs, we help ensure you can rebuild your body, as well as your mind. Furthermore, our family programs help rebuild your familial relationships, which in turn provides much-needed solace and piece of mind. It’s an especially welcome respite after all the craziness — for everyone. Seriously. You’d be surprised how eager families are to return to a drama-free relationship. Actually, having lived through — and largely caused — the drama, you probably wouldn’t be surprised at all.

In short, Healing Properties provides men the opportunity to regain their footing and restore their lives. Quite often it’s to a realm higher than they’ve ever imagined, let alone achieved. Never though is it at anyone else’s expense. In fact, we help to make sure your life is never ever again lived at anyone else’s expense.

Want proof? Just check our Testimonials. We’ve got ’em taped. And we’ve got ’em in writing. We’ve also got a robust Recovered Alumni Community that will gladly and eagerly attest to our success. And we’re grateful for having them too. To top it all off, we’ve got location going for us too. If, that is, you count being within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean a plus. Or if you happen to like outdoor activities such as freshwater kayaking or beachside volleyball or alligator-spotting. (Yes, we’re just about smack dab between the deep blue sea and the wild green Everglades.) Mostly though, we’re Sober AF. Hear that? Sober AF. Then again, isn’t that why you’re asking?

(Healing Properties courtyard image comes courtesy of our good friends and colleagues at the Schnellenberger Family Foundation, who came through with a ridiculously delicious Thanksgiving Day spread. We cannot thank them enough!)

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