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Healing Properties, an Addiction Treatment Center for Men, located in Delray Beach Florida, in Palm Beach County, searches the community in which they reside for individuals that go above and beyond the expectations of those around them. Our Addiction Treatment Center's Staff  have been individually selected for their experience with Alcohol and Drug Addiction. They are all recovered individuals who love to give back what was freely given to them.


David Zaiff

Healing Properties alumni, David brings years of administrative and operational knowledge to Recovery Boot Camp. Growing up in New York City, David struggled with addiction for several years. At Healing Properties, he learned about sobriety and helping others. Through his ability to multitask and efficiently prioritize all administrative tasks, David is a key member of the team at Healing Properties.


Lauren Tynes, LCSW

As Healing Properties’ clinical director, Lauren is responsible for aiding in the development, implementation, and overseeing of all clinical programs at our Delray Beach facility. Lauren graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s of Social Work and a Master of Social Work. She is an active Licensed Clinical Social Worker through the Florida Department of Health. Lauren has many years of experience participating within interdisciplinary teams to ensure the highest quality and continuity of individualized client-centered care in for-profit facilities and federal government agencies servicing the mental health, substance abuse, and veteran populations. Since early childhood, Lauren has experienced passion for helping people. As a firm believer in truth, Lauren is often times confronting clients with what they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear. Lauren enjoys helping clients daily with the use of comprehensive and individualized clinical interventions and will continue to ensure the highest possible quality of care with innovative processes provided by Healing Properties' program with an overall focus on the health, well-being, and growth of our clients.


Nick Johnson

Nick is from Delaware County Pennsylvania and struggled with addiction since he was 14 years old. Nick came to Healing Properties when he was 19 and has been a part of the community ever since. As our lead Alumni Coordinator, Nick is responsible for hosting monthly Alumni events, as well as helping men in early recovery bridge the gap from inpatient treatment to aftercare living. Most importantly, he connects current Clients with Alumni who have established themselves in the recovery community, providing a strong network of recovered men for our Clients to use as a resource.


Jun Yang

As Healing Properties' Resident Manager, Jun is responsible for managing all behavioral health tech staff members. He ensures the accuracy of all intake, administrative, and maintenance issues within the residential department. Jun serves as the essential link between clinical and residential departments by strictly enforcing all rules so clients can become accountable and responsible men who contribute to the local community. Jun works closely with all clients to aid them with learning essential life skills that can be taken with them after graduation. As a previous resident at Healing Properties, Jun understands first-hand the fear and discomfort clients experience upon admission. He loves being a part of Healing Properties' team as he gets to witness individuals, from all different backgrounds, who come and grow together as a community towards the common goal of happiness without the use of substances.


Rabbi Mark Rotenberg, CADC, CPC

Rabbi Mark Rotenberg, CADC, CPC has been working in the recovery field for over 15 years. He has experience with all types of addiction, intervention and counseling. His focus for the past 8 years has been Spiritual counseling and using psycho/spiritual therapy, with an emphasis on the spiritual awakening or spiritual experience the recovery community sees as the result of 12-step work. By blending spiritual and recovery texts with ancient and modern spiritual disciplines he integrates the pragmatic recovery experience (12-steps) with the inner spiritual resources of the recovering individual to facilitate self-discovery in all aspects of their lives. Mark received his undergraduate education in design at San Jose State University, and worked in the Arts and Design field for 15 years. After finding sobriety Mark started working in recovery. He graduated from UCLA’s addiction counseling program and went on to work full time in recovery. As his own spiritual journey progressed he returned to the faith of his childhood and entered Rabbinic School at the Academy for Jewish Religion in Los Angeles. Battling his own resentments to the faith of his youth Mark formed an open, inclusive theology that worked for his own struggles with life. He became aware that anyone who sought the spiritual and divine could form a proactive personal regime that would guide them in their quest. Mark is currently also working on two recovery based books while actively facilitating Healing Properties' night-time intensive outpatient didactic sessions.


Michael Cardinale, MSW

Michael graduated with a Master Degree of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University and is currently a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern in the state of Florida. Michael is progressing towards attaining his certification and status as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Michael decided to become a social worker after he discovered his passion for helping and empowering people to change their lives. Michael believes in the mission and unique philosophy of Healing Properties provides as a means to overcoming addiction.

Prior to becoming a Primary Therapist at Healing Properties and working in the field of addiction, Michael began his career interning as a college counselor to provide students with unparalleled support in a demanding higher learning environment. Michael brings a diverse and eclectic approach, supported by evidenced based practices, to his work with those struggling with addiction and the families affected by a loved one's chemical dependency.


Julia Davies, MMHC

Julia Davies has an undergraduate degree from Tulane University and a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She has worked in the recovery field for 6 years and has experience with a broad range of clients from all different cultures. Julia is particularly interested in preparing clients for their return to the outside world, and aims to provide them with the necessary vocational and adaptation skills to succeed.

She has extensive experience with individuals, couples and groups, as well as those with chronic mental illness and eating disorders. Julia also has experience with forensic psychology and ex-offenders with mental illness seeking reduced sentences. Julia is originally from Washington, DC and comes from an international background. As a primary therapist at Healing Properties, her love for people and dynamic personality engages others and helps them seek their true potential.


Brian Quigley

Brian is responsible for overseeing 12-step efforts of all clients, facilitating morning goals and meditation group, guiding vocational efforts of clients, and enforcing the cleanliness of living arrangements. Brian is originally from Haddonfield, New Jersey and is actively pursuing coursework to become a Certified Addiction Counselor. Brian had personally attended numerous treatment centers and equates this as the place that helped him achieve a spiritual awakening by holding him accountable to 12-step work. Brian enjoys watching clients grow through the same struggles that he once experienced; the transformation from admission to graduation is profound. He believes whole-heartedly in the non-enabling and straight forward approach of Recovery Boot Camp. He was honored to join as a staff member in November 2015.


Jared Waters

Jared is originally from Stratford, New Jersey, and, like many of our clients, struggled with addiction for many years, bouncing from treatment center for treatment center. Jared came to Healing Properties/Recovery Boot Camp in 2015, and here he found the structure, camaraderie and importance of 12 Step work which helped him get sober. As HP/RBC Behavioral Health Tech, Jared is responsible for making sure clients are meeting their recovery needs via A.A. attendance, Step work and service commitments. Jared firmly believes in holding clients accountable, just as he was held accountable when he was a client. And that accountability is a mainstay in recovery.


Jeff Eidelberg

Jeff is responsible for carrying out the daily rules and regulations to our clients. Jeff also brings over 10 years of sobriety and an endless amount of energy and passion for recovery to Healing Properties. Jeff enjoys the opportunity to share a message of hope to our clients that miracles can happen here every day if you’re willing to do the work.


Michelle Ammon

As Healing Properties' Revenue Cycle Manager, Michelle works with insurance companies to process your treatment claims. Michelle graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lehman College in New York with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. In Michelle’s professional career, she has worked in a variety of healthcare industries, and has specialized in Substance abuse for many years.


Lane Hughes

Lane, a graduate of Healing Properties, grew up in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. He spent his teen and collegiate years battling with addiction. This continued with brief intervals of sobriety until he first admitted into Healing Properties in the beginning of 2017. As our alumni coordinator, Lane’s primary goal is to make sure all new clients are immediately welcomed into the vast community of Healing Properties graduates who are actively working a 12-Step program. Lane also stays in contact with all alumni—ensuring they are living a sober lifestyle long after they complete our program. His passion for recovery descends into weekly meeting on property where he interacts with clients and brings in a graduate to help spread a message of hope.


Tim Schnellenberger

In March of 2002 Tim Schnellenberger opened Healing Properties as a halfway house with a humble five beds and a solid commitment to the principles of recovery. Under Tim’s active guidance and participation in every dimension of his company, Healing Properties has blossomed into a nationally recognized and respected Addiction Treatment for Men.

Coupling his love for real estate and his own sobriety, Tim’s path has taken him and Healing Properties Addiction Treatment Center for Men in directions he never could have foreseen. In this journey, Tim has maintained his steadfast commitment to providing the absolute best in facilities, staff and guiding principles for an Addiction Treatment Center for Men. The reputation that he has built for himself personally as well as Healing Properties as a whole speaks volumes for the successes he has achieved. Healing Properties is the culmination of Tim’s creative vision and passion for sobriety; the testimony to his success lies in the thousands of sober men who have left Healing Properties Addiction Treatment Center for Men to lead successful, sober lives.

If you are a man afflicted with addiction, call Healing Properties today to get help overcoming and achieving a productive & successful Sober Living.

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