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Treatment Center for Jacksonville FL (Duval County)

Treatment Center for Jacksonville

Are you seeking a Treatment Center for Jacksonville men? Do you think it best to be placed away from temptations and triggers? Have you finally decided to try long-term sobriety?

Well, Healing Properties is just the right place for you. We’ve been helping Jacksonville men achieve long-term sobriety since 2002. And we’ve seen thousands go on to lead a productive and fulfilling life. We’re fully-licensed and accredited. And we’re serious about long-term sobriety. So serious, in fact, that if you aren’t yet ready to get sober, you need not apply.

Why? Because at Healing Properties, we’re safe, we’re sound, and we’re sober AF!

Calling All Jacksonville Men!

Sobriety isn’t easy, especially if you’re still around the people, places and things that drive your addiction. That’s why it’s recommended to seek recovery in a place far from the usual triggers and temptations. But you don’t want just any halfway house. You want a halfway house with a proven track record of success. You want a halfway house like Healing Properties.

Healing Properties has long been the go-to halfway house for Jacksonville men. Just ask Ken. He says HP is “a solid place,” as well as “a great place to recover.” Ken should know. He came down from Jacksonville. Went through treatment at our adjacent Recovery Boot Camp. And transitioned back through Healing Properties. Now Ken is back at life, and it’s more fulfilling than ever!

If you’re seeking a Treatment Center for Jacksonville men, call Healing Properties today. It might just save your life.

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