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Happy AA Founders Day!

AA Founders Day

Happy AA Founders Day!

This weekend legions of addicts and alcoholics will be descending upon Akron, Ohio for AA Founders Day. It’ll be the 84th of such occasions. And yet another glorious way to celebrate the miracle of sobriety.

The Founding of AA

Alcoholics Anonymous traces its origins to an early 20th century religious movement called the Oxford Group. Members of the Oxford Group concocted and practiced a self-improvement formula that included performing self-inventory, admitting wrongs, making amends, using prayer and meditation, as well as carrying their message to others.

Rhode Islander Rowland H. sought help with his alcoholism from Carl Jung. The noted Swiss psychoanalyst determined Rowland’s case to be medically hopeless, but that he might find relief through a vital spiritual experience. So Jung directed Rowland to the Oxford Group.

Rowland later introduced Edwin (“Ebby”) T. to the group. Ebby then brought in Bill W. At first Bill W. was skeptical. His drinking problem seemed hopeless, progressive and above all irreversible. But after once again landing in the alcoholic ward, Bill underwent a powerful spiritual experience unlike any he had ever known. His depression and despair were lifted. And for the first time ever, he felt free and at peace. Most importantly, Bill stopped drinking. And he spent the rest of his life working to bring that freedom and peace to other alcoholics.

That year was 1934. The next year Bill would meet with Dr. Bob in Akron. Together they’d form the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous.

History of AA Founders Day

AA Founders Day didn’t really become a thing till 1941. But it’s been an important part of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous ever since. Here are a few events which have helped shape the annual AA Founders Day.

  • 1941 Bill W. and Dr. Bob were the featured speakers.
  • 1942 Dr. Bob traced the early history of our movement, introduced early members, followed by a buffet supper served by wives of Akron Group #1.
  • 1945 Dr. Bob and Bill W. spoke at a dinner at the Mayflower Ballroom; a modest celebration was held at the M. O’Neil Auditorium followed.
  • 1947 Dr. Bob and A.A. #3 Bill D. were the speakers.
  • 1948 The Akron Armory was used and talks were given by Dr. Walter Tunks, Bill W. and Dr. Bob.
  • 1951 Dr. Bob had died, an open house was held at 855 Ardmore. (Dr. Bob’s Home} Bill spoke at the Goodyear Theater.
  • 1953 Bill W. attended an open house at St. Thomas Hospital.
  • 1957 The first “Play” was introduced and a Sunday morning breakfast was held at The University of Akron’s Memorial Hall.
  • 1958 Bill W. his wife Lois W. and Ethel M. were speakers at The University of Akron’s Memorial Hall.
  • 1961 The start of the 9am memorial for Dr. Bob.
  • 1965 The “Modern” Era of AA Founders Day begins with the first Friday-Sunday Weekend.

    Celebrating AA Founders Day

    Hard to believe that a New York alcoholic and a a like-minded doctor from Akron could and would change the lives of millions. But that they did. And then some. In fact, Bill W. and Dr. Bob not only changed the lives of millions, but they saved the lives of millions. Alcoholics and loved ones alike. And their Twelve Step recovery program continues to save millions to this very day. Is it any wonder why tens of thousands would flock to Akron to celebrate AA Founders Day?

    We at Healing Properties would like to extend our Best to all those heading to Akron for the 84th Annual AA Founders Day. We’d also like to remind everyone that we’ll be celebrating AA Founders Day right here in Delray Beach. Just as we do every day. Why? Because we believe in AA. We believe in The Big Book. And we believe in the 12 Steps. We also believe our own eyes. And they’ve seen first hand what AA’s program can do for a man, as well as their loved ones.

    For more information on AA Founders Day, log on here. And if you or your loved one is experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol, please give us a call. We’re here to help.

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