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Why Healing Properties Sober Living for Men?

A fresh new start!

We’ve been changing lives for nearly two decades now. Since 2002, in fact, and that’s saying something. More importantly, it’s saying we’re effective. We’re successful. We mean business.

Safe, Sound & Secure Environment

We provide a safe, sound and secure environment, free from the triggers and temptations that drove your addiction to begin with, and far from the people, places and things which could likely jeopardize your recovery.

Recovery Community Setting

We’re located smack dab in the center of a thriving and active recovery community. In fact, the majority of the businesses in Delray Beach are recovery-friendly. That makes for a big advantage regarding work, as well as play.

Proven Track Record

Over our nearly two decades of recovery service, we’ve helped over 7000 men fight the battle against addiction. For proof of our positive recovery outcomes click on over to our Halfway House Reviews and Video Testimonials pages.



Get it right the first time! Choose the one Sober Living Community that shows you how to recover and stay recovered. Not just a Halfway House, but a design for living to recreate your entire life.

We hear you! We know you’re hurting. We know how hard it is to make the pain go away. We’ve been there. But fear not, because we’ve found a real solution. A solution we want to share with you.


We no longer wake with the need to feed our addictions. Instead, we greet each day with the wide-eyed optimism it deserves. We’ve restored our relationships. We’ve found new meaning. And we’ve never been happier.

There’s a reason why it’s called the miracle of sobriety. We’ve seen the most broken and hopeless men leave our doors whole and hopeful. We’ve seen unimaginable wreckage transformed into lives lived beyond even the wildest of dreams. Yes, it’s a miracle. It happens each and every day, here at Healing Properties.

It’s time for a NEW solution! Remember what it’s like to live fully and fruitfully. Then go on and do it! Choose life. Choose you. Choose Healing Properties – Sober Living for Men!



There was a time for getting high; now is the time for Healing. Healing Properties. The first and last Sober Living you’ll need. Why? Because we provide solutions. And after all the problems created by addiction, solutions are essential.


Let go! The time for merely holding on is over. Let go of what harms you. Let go of what impedes you. Let go of what ails you. Rid yourself of everything that prevents you from becoming all that you’re meant to be. All that you knew you could be all along.


It’s the time to stop running: From your problems, From your loved ones, and yes, from yourself. It’s time to take a look into the mirror and like what you see. It’s time to respect your reflection. It’s time to respect yourself.


It’s time to stop fighting. It’s time to find peace. And peace of mind. Surrender to recovery and you’ll never need to fight again. Why? Because the battle will have been won. And you will join the ranks of the winning team, Healing Properties, Halfway House for Men!


Delray Beach will give you all the advantages of a strong recovery community, you’ll reap all the advantages of a sunny South Florida lifestyle. There’s the Atlantic Ocean, of course, and the array of activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. There’s also a wide range of parks and the assorted outdoor activities such as softball, volleyball and soccer, both organized and otherwise. There’s also a series of canoeable riverways and hiking trails, as well as a renowned collection of nature preserves and museums, of both indoor and outdoor variety. Then again, you may simply opt for something as quietly fulfilling as a morning meditation on the beach, where there’ll be nothing between you and the sunrise. In short, you’ll be living in a place where people from all over the world flock to for health and rejuvenation. The only difference is that this will be your home.
Everybody on our staff is in recovery. Everyone. More importantly, we’re all successfully recovered from our given addictions. That gives us empathy. That gives us insight. And that will give you the best possible chance at your own recovery. There’s nothing like having someone who’s been there and done that to help you. And there’s nothing like a recovery-friendly workplace for collective inspiration.
We begin with a physical therapist who’ll put together a fitness program designed solely for you. Got a knee or an elbow that’s out of whack? You’ll get it put back into play. Did all that ripping and running bring your weight down a few pounds? We’ll help you bulk back up. We also provide a full complement of holistic treatments, from hands-on healing to chiropractic therapy to acupuncture. Add our open access on-site gym, which will give you a chance to train on your own, as well as with your peers, and you’ll have everything you need to restore your physical strength -- and to ensure your physical well-being.
We incorporate a wide-range of family recovery programs. Our programs, all of which are sponsored by the Schnellenberger Family Foundation, include a free weekly Family Webinar (hosted by Minister to the Community Rabbi Mark Rotenberg and Lead Facilitator David Zaiff), as well as quarterly Family Weekends and Retreats, where families gather to take active part in their loved ones’ recovery. Since all of our programs begin with case-by-case integration of families into each client’s recovery, you will find youself ever closer to the ones you most love -- and who love you most.



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