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Since 2002, Healing Properties (Know as Healing Properties Delray Beach since 2013) Florida Halfway House and Sober Living in Delray Beach’s mission has been to provide a safe, clean and healthy halfway house for men recovering from the disease of alcoholism/addiction We require involvement in a 12 step program and provide random drug and alcohol testing.

Centrally Located

Our halfway house is in Delray Beach, Florida, close to meetings, jobs, Atlantic Avenue and the beautiful Florida beach.

Expert Service

We can provide expert services based off 15 years of addiction recovery support and rehabilitation experience.

Using Certified Programs

We provide sober living rehabilitation based off the effective 12-step process and "Big Book" coursework founded by AA.

Selective Process

We are only interested in halfway house residents who are motivated and serious about their recovery to ensure the success of everyone's journey.

Meet Our Staff

Experienced & Empathetic

Tim Schnellenberger


Tim has owned and operated Healing Properties Sober Living since 2002. He purchased the facilities at Healing Properties and began his work in sober living and rehabilitation as a way of giving back and helping others the way he had been helped.

Jun Yang


As Healing Properties' Resident Manager, Jun is responsible for managing all behavioral health tech staff members. He ensures the accuracy of all intake, administrative, and maintenance issues within the residential department. Jun serves as the essential link between clinical and residential departments by strictly enforcing all rules so clients can become accountable and responsible men who contribute to the local community. Jun works closely with all clients to aid them with learning essential life skills that can be taken with them after graduation. As a previous resident at Healing Properties, Jun understands first-hand the fear and discomfort clients experience upon admission. He loves being a part of Healing Properties' team as he gets to witness individuals, from all different backgrounds, who come and grow together as a community towards the common goal of happiness without the use of substances.

Brian Quigley


Brian is responsible for overseeing 12-step efforts of all clients, facilitating morning goals and meditation group, guiding vocational efforts of clients, and enforcing the cleanliness of living arrangements. Brian is originally from Haddonfield, New Jersey and is actively pursuing coursework to become a Certified Addiction Counselor. Brian had personally attended numerous treatment centers and equates this as the place that helped him achieve a spiritual awakening by holding him accountable to 12-step work. Brian enjoys watching clients grow through the same struggles that he once experienced; the transformation from admission to graduation is profound. He believes whole-heartedly in the non-enabling and straight forward approach of Recovery Boot Camp. He was honored to join as a staff member in November 2015.

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View more video testimonials of former residents of Healing Properties, a sober house in Florida that helps hundreds of people overcoming addiction each month.

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Combat addiction and become the man you were meant to be---sobriety is within reach. To learn more about our treatment center visit us at website or call (561) 563-8880 today.

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