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Vaping May Hurt the Heart Much More Than Suspected


Vaping May Hurt the Heart Much More Than Suspected

We all knew there’d be blowbacks from vaping. After all, it’s a tobacco product that’s delivered through the lungs. But we didn’t know just how big those blowbacks would be. How could we? We were shielded from the evidence at every turn.

Well, we’re shielded no more. Indeed, there are a slew of right-minded doctors and scientists on the case, and each are finding vaping to be a lot more dangerous than we were originally led to believe.

Take the recent MedStar Health Study, which is as comprehensive as it is compelling. Put into play by resident physician Yakubu Bene-Alhasan, the study looked at 175,667 participants in total, with an average age of 52 years old, 3,242 of whom developed heart failure within the average 45-month follow-up period.

In other words, according to Newsweek Science Reporter Pandora Dewan, the study found that those who used e-cigarettes were found to be 19 percent more likely to develop heart failure than those who had never vaped. That number comes even after other heart disease risk factors and use of alcohol and tobacco products were accounted for.

Significant Results

Those are significant results alright. And little wonder why its author would be sharing the data at the esteemed American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session.

“The difference we saw was substantial. It’s worth considering the consequences to your health, especially with regard to heart health,” said Dr. Bene-Alhasan.

The time has come for this research.

“I think this research is long overdue, especially considering how much e-cigarettes have gained traction,” Dr. Bene-Alhasan said. “We don’t want to wait too long to find out eventually that it might be harmful, and by that time a lot of harm might already have been done. With more research, we will get to uncover a lot more about the potential health consequences and improve the information out to the public.”

Healing Properties thanks Dr. Bene-Alhasan and Medstar Health for taking the time to perform such important research. It’s crucial for folks to be warned about the hazards of vaping; that makes studies like this essential for everyone. We’d also like to Thank California Department of Health’s Undo Program, which has been at the forefront of tobacco abstinence since forever.

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