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Whey Jennings Hits the Road for Recovery

When Jennings

Whey Jennings Hits the Road for Recovery

It may be too late to catch When Jennings’ Carolina Country Music Fest debut, where he appeared alongside the likes of Oliver Anthony, Carrie Underwood and Old Dominion, but you’ll have plenty of other chances to catch him this summer. In fact, with such a robust schedule, chances are good that he’ll be coming to a venue near you. After all, he’s beginning in Prestonsburg, Kentucky at the Hillbilly Christmas in July, and segues into a West Milford, New Jersey Roadhouse (J&S), the Clayton County Fair in Garnavillo, Iowa, and the Easy Rider Rodeo in Bloomville, Ohio, before finally culminating at Song of the Mountains gathering in Marion, Virginia. That last appearance, which takes place at the historic Lincoln Theater and is being broadcast on East Tennessee State University’s WETS-FM, will really give Whey Jennings the forum he deserves.

Whey’s Jennings management page sums him up nicely:

With three studio recorded EPs under his belt – 2020’s Gypsy Soul, 2022’s If It Wasn’t for The Sinnin’, and 2023’s Just Before The Dawn – Whey Jennings is now preparing for his magnum opus of songs. We’re talkin’ ‘bout his first full length album, the highly anticipated Jekyll & Hyde, which is due out August 23, 2024.

Many of Whey’s songs reveal stories of how he has come to terms with a checkered past of too much partying, led by a drug-fueled lifestyle, but knowing he needed to make a change. Musical stories about struggles, addiction, finding sobriety, and redemption through faith in God, family and his friends.

Interjecting his own modern-day approach to songwriting and storytelling, while remaining a little rough around the edges, ala Granddad Waylon and Uncle Shooter, Whey’s unpolished grit and honest demeanor defines his sound, with musical roots that run as deep as his Jennings family name would imply.

“Out of 43 years on this earth I lived 38 of them in the darkness,” Whey recalled. “I was pretty well a functioning drug addict and an alcoholic. I found the light four years ago by the grace of God. Now I have a beautiful wife who has also stood by my side, and six beautiful children who continue to love me. A wonderful Manager who I call my Momager, Mrs. Tammy Carolus. I’ve decided to dedicate this LP and my life to them.”

Congratulating Whey

It’s clean livin’ that Whey Jennnings is celebrating with Jekyll & Hyde, that, and the capacity to resurrect oneself. If, that is, you put your mind to it, your heart in it and you’ve got a support network to help get you through those dark and lonely nights. We congratulate Whey Jennings on his fourth year of sobriety and wish him many many more.

We’re also fans of the man’s work with Mobilize Recovery, which he puts front and center nearly every other month or so. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse issues, please give us a call. Healing Properties has been helping men get clean and sober since 2002; we’d be honored to help you too.

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