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Vista Research Group

How Healing Properties is Working with Vista Research Group to Improve Addiction Treatment Outcomes

What is evidence-based treatment? How is it a proven method that works? At Healing Properties, we decided to take clinically-proven results a step further. We’ve started self-collecting data from our clients to a monitor tracking system from a third party company called Vista Research Group. The group started INSIGHT Addiction, which helps to collect information in hopes of creating treatment facilities that truly improve the lives of addicts.

How it Works

How is that data collected? Healing Properties sends a link, confidentially, the our patient’s device. From there, there are assessments to be answered. Some of those include:

An instrument that detects depressive symptoms, and categorizes those symptoms mild, moderate, moderately severe, or severe.
This self-administered test helps to detect Generalized Anxiety Disorders. Traits including panic, anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD, and more can be picked up to help to understand how severe the GAD is.
Meant more for experiences such as stressful past experiences, self-report checklists for PTSD moments, and symptoms.

Healing Properties  gives an opportunity for our patients to rate the care they feel they are being given. The anonymous submission to their therapist allows for them to type comments about their experience. The anonymous approach gives way for honesty, genuine feedback, and more.

What Else Does INSIGHT Addiction Do?

INSIGHT Addiction also monitors for other information including the deciding factor that lead patients to seek treatment, their demographics, their treatment history, their motivation, addiction severity, health information, thought patterns, cravings, quality of friendships and relationships, and more. The data collected not only helps to create more authentic treatment centers across the nation, but it also aids in making Healing Properties a safer, and more effective choice.

Let’s See the Numbers

What does the research say when it comes to all of the data being collected?

Besides the treatment aspect, monitoring patient’s growth and behavior helps to keep an eye on any mental health disorders that could either arise, or be creating a barrier. At Healing Properties, our medical team and staff members are well equipped to handle dual-diagnosis cases, and the information merely aids in creating a more sound, effective, and direct plan for our clients.


What is the purpose of collecting data? Is it invasive? Is it problematic? Can it be used against a loved one? The reality is that collective data allows for a more individualistic approach to therapy, and recovery. When a program is tailored to everyone equally, it may be beneficial for some, and a waste of time for others. Everyone is unique, and by understanding the way that they respond, the way the feel, and how they’re learning, our team can build a personalized approach to healing.

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