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Thanks Healing Properties!

I wouldn’t be where i am today without Healing Properties. Thanks Tim!!

Healing Properties is Amazing!

I’m a parent of someone that was at Healing Properties! I would recommend it for anyone looking for an amazing place to find serenity! Healing Properties is amazing!

I Believe in the Program

One of the greatest work experiences I have ever had was at Healing Properties. Even though I was not a part of the program it has made a significant contribution to my life. I believe in the program and have seen many follow and become successful in their life goals as a result.

Perfect Transition for Sober Living

Healing Properties was the perfect transition back into society. I learned and grew immensely there and will never forget that time in/of my life. Thanks for the opportunity to learn, live and grow with greatest support I could have dreamed of.

I Could Not Have Done It Without Your Help

Dear Tim,

I arrived at Healing Properties after having been thrown out of my treatment center for a second time. I came in alone, scared and with less than 30 days clean. From the moment I came there I had met a group of people that I finally could relate too. We were all in the same struggle together and through the friendships I had made and the guidance I received from the staff and owner I had been given an opportunity to obtain sobriety.

While in this recovering community, I had suffered some tough times which everyone had helped me get through without losing my sobriety date. Upon getting a sponsor and working the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous, my life slowly had started to change. My outlook on life was different than before. I felt I had been given a chance when no one else would, in an environment that was giving me an opportunity to grow and change into an adult and able to become a respectable member of my community.

I am truly grateful for all that you have done for me and the relationships I have made will last a lifetime. Both my family and I thank you for your dedication to those that still struggle in achieving sobriety, I could not have done it without your help.

My hopes are that all will find the solution I have been so freely given.

Michael H

I am Moving on in My Recovery and Most Importantly My Life.

Dear Tim,

I arrived at healing properties 4 months ago in a last ditch effort to stay sober. Treatment, detox, hospitals, shrinks, etc… Over 35 times in some sort of treatment! I was truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was rushed to hospital 5 months ago, taken in near death (so says the doctor) At A.A. Meeting in old forge pa. a lady told the group that she just had a beautiful experience in Delray Beach FL. And has been sober ever since. The next day I contacted Brian z. at Healing Properties. He talked to me like he knew what he was talking about, that impressed me.

So here I am, working the program, interacting with the other alcoholics here at the properties, sometimes leaning on staff to direct my recovery. Three times in the first few weeks here I felt like drinking, and if not for living at h.p. I believe I would have went back out. I realized by seeing others that are making changes in there life I felt I could also, h.p. Will teach you things such as love and tolerance of others, I didn’t see eye to eye with everyone here but turned that in to a positive thing, I have ceased to fight anyone or anything. I am no longer a slave to alcohol, I am moving on in my recovery and most importantly my life. Some say they want to get sober to get there life back, well I never really had a life, a free life, slaves have no freedom, I am no longer the man I once was. Trust god for he will meet your needs, but not your greed.

God bless,

Randy B.

You Provided a Professional Yet Compassionate Approach

Dear Tim,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the help and support that Healing Properties provided me during my six month stay. After bouncing in and out of rehab centers for almost two years, getting a divorce and losing my house I was forced to look at another alternative. I checked into the Caron Foundation up in Pennsylvania. After their recommendation, I realized that I needed to look into a sober living environment. Honestly, I was not willing to look for one in the Philadelphia area as I had heard nothing but horror stories. After deciding I would move to Delray, because of its strong recovery oriented community, it was just a matter of picking the facility. I spoke to quite a few over the phone and Healing Properties seemed to rise above them. You provided a professional yet compassionate approach. So, my decision was easy.

Upon my arrival, I found all of the support staff, from my housemates, to house seniors up to your self to be genuinely concerned about how seriously I approached my recovery. My experience at Healing Properties was nothing short of amazing. I have not only been given a relationship with my family back. I have made some of the closest friends I have ever had in my life, and most importantly, I can have a relationship with my higher power. I have learned, through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, that there is a better way of living. Not just by not drinking one day at a time, but by living differently. By doing the work, as outlined in the big book, my thought process has changed the way I look at the world and how I react to it. Of course, as you know, I have had my trials and tribulations, but that was just another great learning experience. God willing, I will be celebrating my one year anniversary in a few weeks. I honestly do not know whether I would have made it far without all of your support and guidance.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope everyone that needs it can find the solution that I have found.

Kevin P

You Gave Me Back My Son

Dear Tim,

On May 29, 2009 I put my son on a plane. He was a broken, miserable, and confused nineteen year old, and a stranger to me. He was totally consumed by drugs with an ugly future ahead. I was full of desperation and apprehension, yet hopeful he could get help to combat his struggles with drugs and the dangerous life he was living. By the grace of God, Healing Properties was recommended to us by the treatment center that he attended.

Gradually, through telephone conversations with my son, I realized that a positive change was taking place. He has learned that recovery isn’t just stopping the use of drugs but taking a deeper look inside, to make changes within. He learned this through attending the mandatory NA meetings (90 meetings in 90 days) as well as the five weekly meetings and to maintain a sponsor, as required through the rules of Healing Properties.

To date my son has continued to work the program, has chaired meetings, and served as a guest speaker as well. This is a miracle in itself. The support and caring that he has received at Healing Properties is fantastic and proof that the program does work. The structured and no-nonsense approach to recovery sets Healing Properties above the rest. All the rules that are implemented are a direct result of experiences over the years as a recovery facility. Violating any rule is not tolerated, nor is this a babysitting facility. Healing Properties takes great pride in the success of all that have been through its doors.

In January 2010 I visited my son, this being the first time I had seen him in eight months. I was overwhelmed by the physical and emotional changes I saw in Matthew. He had been transformed. You gave me back my son. He no longer is stranger but a loving son.

You have given him a new lease on life through the tools, courage, and provided guidance afforded to him at Healing Properties. I can’t begin to find the words that express my gratitude. I was truly amazed as I toured your facility and spoke with the residents. I learned so much on that short visit. Tim, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you in person. You are certainly an asset and a benefit to all that seek recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. May God bless you as you continue to provide this wonderful program to those in need.
Rick P

Thanks For Making a Difference

Dear Mr. Schnellenberger

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to Ms. Strazi for her extraordinary counseling and leadership. Ms. Strazi was able to accomplish much, much more with my daughter, Stephenie S. than any other care-giver or provider over the past five years.

Among the many positive characteristics or traits that Stephenie has shared (about Ms. Strazi), I consider her respect for Nicole to be one of the most important. As you know so well, obtaining the respect of a teenager, particularly those that are challenged with the additional burden of addiction, is no small accomplishment. Undoubtedly, Nicoles first-hand knowledge and experience with addition was instrumental in Stephenies acceptance and eventual compliance.

Ms. Strazi has succeeded where many others have failed; she helped Stephenie regain respect for herself and gain a belief that she can overcome her addiction to fulfill her dreams and attend collage and become self-supporting. It is obvious that Stephenie sees a role model in Ms. Strazi that provides the message I can be something too!

Stephenie is finally serious about her recovery and is now living the steps, rather then just talking about them. And to this, we owe a great deal to Ms. Strazi, who has chosen one of the most noble professions of all.

Very few people have the opportunity to really help others and make a difference in their lives; Ms. Strazi is one of this select group!


Stephen C. S.

My Experience At Healing Properties From Day One Was Amazing

Dear Tim,

Of all the halfway houses in Delray, the fact that I ended up in healing properties is without a doubt because of God. To be completely honest healing properties was not my first choice. I wanted to go where all my friend in treatment were going. God had different plans for me. My aftercare counselor chose HP for me and with the attitude that I had from not being able to go where all my friends were going I agreed to Healing Properties. From the moment I stepped off the plane and was warmly greeted by the Property Manager I knew it was the right decision.

My experience at Healing Properties from day one was amazing. I briefly stayed in touch with my friends from treatment and listening and comparing their halfway houses to mine I knew not only was I extremely lucky, but blessed as well. It was the environment I needed to make my beginning. The friendships I made, the structure that I was provided, the education about alcoholism I obtained, and the encouragement to go to meetings, got a sponsor, and the work the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous was crucial to my sobriety. It was exactly the environment I needed to be in after coming off an eight year run. During my stay in healing properties, I laughed, I cried, I had a spiritual experiences, and I developed my self-esteem and self worth back. Healing Properties taught me once more how to be a productive member of society.

I will forever hold the utmost respect and love for Healing Properties, like I said, I attribute it as a God sent. Healing Properties saved my life and I don’t know how to thank you enough. Once again I have the desire to live.

Jon R.

I Am So Thankful I Chose To Go To Healing Properties

Dear Tim,

I consider my decision to live at Healing Properties a turning point in my life. It is one of the few good decisions I have made up to this point in my life. Up to that point, I have lead an extremely selfish, self centered life. Even before I started using, my only concern was for my own wellbeing and happiness. I started drinking and using at an early age, and as my disease progressed I caused nothing but pain, suffering and harm to my friends, family and those around me. My drinking and using had gone from a social luxury to a daily necessity. Where I initially thought drugs were my solution to life’s problems, they soon became the cause of all my problems. My thought and actions, my whole life was about getting high. I hated my life, I hated myself, but I could not see that drugs and alcohol were not making things better. I could not stop.

After being kicked out of college, I fled home to my parents’ house, and proceeded to drink and drug into oblivion. I had alienated all my friends, and my family was tired of cleaning up after me. I was alone. Finally my parents told me they had had enough; that they loved me but could not continue to enable me. Unless I was sober, they I was not welcome I their lives. I was coerced into rehab, and while there I decided to go to a halfway house upon being discharged.

I am so thankful I chose to go to Healing Properties. I really don’t have the words to fully express my gratitude. The 12 months I spent there were truly life changing, and I will always cherish them. In this structured environment, I learned for the first time in my life how to be responsible, accountable and honest. This was not a fast or painless process. Most Importantly I was introduced the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I learned how to deal with the trials and tribulations of life without drinking or using. I learned how to be a productive, accountable and trustworthy member of society. This something I regard as miraculous, something I thought was impossible before coming to Healing Properties.

Furthermore, I was blown away by earnest care for my wellbeing shown by my roommates, house seniors, and the property manager and of courses you. I have made some of my closest friends here. Through Healing Properties and Alcoholics Anonymous, I was given the gift of a new serene outlook on life.

I feel as though I have been given my life back, and I shudder to think where I would be had I not come to Healing Properties. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, and for your continued commitment and dedication to help other alcoholics and addicts.

David C

Without Healing Properties, I Would Not Have Been Able to be the Sober Person I am Today

Dear Tim,

14 months ago, on the morning of November 10th 2008, I woke up a broken man. Mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually broken. After years of heavy drinking and drug use, I had lost hope. No one understood me, and I didn’t understand myself. I had nothing. I was not a spiritual person, but that morning I asked God for help.

With His help, and the help of my family, I got into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Within two days of being at that rehabilitation center, my counselor had recommended I leave Baltimore and head to Healing Properties in Delray Beach, Florida. Although still not considering myself a spiritual person, I found myself asking God for direction. My counselor let me make a phone call to the property manager of healing properties one afternoon. I had several questions and concerns. The gentleman I spoke with that day helped me to understand why a sober living community was a vital next step in my recovery process. I took the recommendations of my counselor on what I have come to recognize now as blind faith. I had never been to Florida, ever. I didn’t know what end was up. I only knew that all professional opinion had pointed me to Healing Properties.

I arrived to Healing Properties (HP) on Dec. 13 2008. Brian (the property manager at the time) had picked me up from the airport with a warm welcome. I opened the door to unit 46 and was further welcomed by other men my age. They too had stories and backgrounds much like mine. They too had the desire to stay sober. The first person I was introduced to that day was Ian H. I got a sponsor, and started to work the steps. Slowly I started to make a new life for myself. A life without drugs and alcohol. Brian and Ian are two of my best friends today, 13 months later.

After staying in unit 46 for 7 months, and working the steps of AA with a sponsor, I moved on to the “senior house” of HP. The senior houses are designed to be the second step from the sober living community. I moved there with Ian and two other roommates. All of us were not only sober, but also leading honest, productive, happy lives. All four of us are still sober today.

I will never be able to make another person understand what paramount importance Healing properties played in my sobriety. But I know, without Healing Properties I would not have been able to be the sober person I am today. I have made lifelong friendships here at Healing properties. I am writing this testimonial because I believe in Healing Properties. I write this testimonial to try to help another person understand that there is a way out of alcoholism and drug addiction. Healing Properties should be the start of your journey.

Thank you Tim,
Thank God,

Dave P.

Healing Properties is a Place of Great Faith and Passion

Dear Tim,

Basically the turning point in my life came when a friend of mine accepted me at his halfway house; which happened to be Healing Properties.

I had been an active alcoholic since I was seventeen years old and my disease progressed to a state of paranoia at which point I was on the brink of death. By the age of twenty-seven I began to lock myself into hotels, crashing on the couch’s of friends and staying at my parents house when I could. All of this was brought about by my addiction which was growing stronger as it was weakening my spirit. When recreation turned to habit I was getting high and drunk every day. The paranoia began playing tricks on me and I would talk to myself and scream at the phantoms in my closet to save me. Eventually I became so disheartened that I went to my father and confessed what my life had become. This was my initial attempt at willingness, something I hadn’t seen in myself for a decade.

Before I ever picked up that first drink, my life was on the path to success, I had everything I could have wanted. My parents were hard working individuals who provided me with love and care. And I had Grandparents who spoiled me rotten. I had two brothers and a sister who loved me unconditionally, the best friends a boy could ask for, and a promising athletic career with the grades to take it to the college level.

Although I had a promising future I started to experiment with mind altering substances which grasped my life and turned it upside down. My caring family saw my life crashing in around me, this is when my father found a treatment facility in Delray Beach where I spent three months. This is where I was introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous. After graduation I was fortunate enough to get a bed at Healing Properties, however I was resistant to the structure and accountability that I was encountering there. I was truely convinced that I could acheive sobriety without the twelve steps, structure, or accountability. I left Healing Properties after 3 months and stayed dry for 18 months without working a program of recovery. This state that I was in was more miserable than any of my days drinking or using drugs. The day came when I picked up once more, and in a few short months I had lost my job, my friends and the roof over my head. The final two agonizing weeks of my bender, I was broken and on the verge of suicide. Sleeping in my car begging for change and bathing in pools. I had what most addicts call a moment of clarity, I thought of Tim and Healing Properties. I thought of all the times I had been told that there was a solution to my alcoholism. Finally I had enough and mustered up the strength and courage to call Tim. I spoke to him about coming back. When I got back I had nothing but the shirt on my back.

The fact was that I needed structure and accountability in my life if I was going to succeed in sobriety. But more-so I need to get a sponsor and work the twelve steps as outlined in the book of alcoholics anonymous. Healing Properties allowed me to build a strong foundation which outlined how to live my life. I lived at Healing Properties for 9 months the second time working a vigorous program of action. I developed and perfected a set of life skills like showing up for work, being a son to my parents, coming home at a decent hour and cleaning my house to the best of my ability. These are just some of the skill sets i developed while staying at Healing Properties.

Today, having over two years sober, my life is beyond comprehension, I help other alcoholics and addicts in need by being a sponsor and taking them through the twelve steps. I am a productive member of society, but helping others at Healing Propeties as the male Property manager is one of the greatest blessings which sobriety has granted me. I am truly blessed to carry the tradition that Healing Properties has produced within the sober community.

Healing Properties is a place of great faith and passion and it is my belief that miracles do happen here, I am living proof of that.


Thank you Healing Properties and the Stephen Schnellenberger Foundation

My name is Nicholas O. I am 21 years old and I am from Santa Fe New Mexico. I was 16 years old when I started making bad choices. The worst of the choices I made was saying yes to the dope game. I thought I was cool doing and selling drugs.

When I was 14 I started smoking marijuana. That led to painkillers at 15. By the age of 16 my life had spun out of control. I tried cocaine and Oxycontin and didn’t like either of them. I said I would never do it again. They were too expensive and I didn’t like the feeling they gave me. As time went by marijuana wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I picked up cocaine again, but this time in a different form. From the first time I smoked cocaine I was immediately hooked. It was like love at first sight. I started smoking it on a daily basis. I stopped caring about school and about how I looked. I just didn’t care about anything besides getting high. Soon I grew tired of the high. I still did it, but it wasn’t the same.

My best friend at the time was hooked on Oxycontin. “Oxy’s” became my next habit. I started to love that high. I started taking it on a daily basis. By this time I was 18 years old and a senior in high school. My addiction was getting worse. I was taking girls and a lot of other things in life for granted. Then my best friend OD’d (over-dosed) and died. I couldn’t believe it. I hated life. I asked God why he didn’t take me instead of him. I came to believe that everything happens for a reason. I stopped going to school and flunked my senior year. I didn’t care. My mom was depressed because I wasn’t the son that she had brought up. I told her I was going to go back to school, for her, and get my diploma. It was the least I could do.

In 2008 I received my high school diploma. My mother was so happy! After high school I planned to go to college. That didn’t wind up happening due to the drugs. I stopped caring again. I didn’t want to work or go to school or do anything at all. All I wanted to do was get high, so that’s what I did. For 2 years I smoked and sniffed my life away. It truly was getting old. One night my sister told me that she thought I should go to rehab. I said, “Rehab, I don’t need rehab. I can do it by myself.” That was a lie.

About 2 weeks later I told my sister I would go. I asked for her help in finding a center for me. She found a center in Santa Fe. Thanks to the grace of God I got in. It “took a minute”, but I got in. This was my first time trying to get sober. I was scared. I didn’t know why I was, but I was. It was at the center that one of my counselors recommended a half way house by the name of Healing Properties in Delray Beach, Florida. At the time I didn’t even know what a half way house was. She had given some of the other guys at the center the brochure and had asked if I wanted one and I said,” Sure, why not.” I held on to it and when my mom came to visit me I showed it to her. She told me that she thought it was a good idea and that she didn’t think that the 30 days at the center was enough time for me.

I really started to think about the idea of the half way house and started to pray on it. Finally, I told my counselor that I would like to go. I was willing. I told her that my mother would not be able to afford it. She said she would look into it and see what she could do to help me get there. My counselor called Healing Properties and asked if there was any help I could get. She asked if there was a bed available for me and they said yes and that they also had a scholarship program available, the “Stephen Schnellenberger Foundation for Sober living”. By the grace of God I received both the bed and the scholarship.

It was meant to be for me to get out of New Mexico. I’m truly thankful that I received the scholarship. It would have been hard for me to get in to Healing Properties without it. I am very grateful for the help that I got. I arrived at Healing Properties May 10, 2010 and I’m still here. It took a while for me to adjust, but I did. I’m loving life right now. I’m working and making my mother so happy. I am happy that I don’t have as much hate in my heart anymore. I continue to stay here at Healing Properties and do good things with my life. I come from a family of addicts and I pray and that I can at least change that for myself. Thank you Healing Properties and the Stephen Schnellenberger Foundation for all you have done and for helping me to open my eyes. I know that life is a great thing when you are sober and that living life without drugs is possible. I have 5 months sober. It’s been a rollercoaster, but I am loving it and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me.

I Can’t Thank You Enough for Helping Me Save My Life!!

To Tim:

I want to thank you guys form my heart, this is a lifesaving spiritual place and I Hate to leave. You have really made me feel at home here. I can’t thank you enough for helping me save my life!!  There is an awesome brotherhood feeling here, but I feel it is time to move on and spread the word of what I have learned here to other addicts and try to save their lives if possible.

I will come back as much as possible; I will even speak if you want me to. Ive just about lost the fear of speaking in front of crowds, as a result of been here. I will only be 20 minutes away.


Kevin R.

I Cannot Put into Words How Blessed I Feel

Dear Tim,

I am in a bit of disbelief that I am moving out of Healing Properties, so bear with me. At a certain point I thought I would be in the pink palaces until I was 30 and you kicked me out… the point I am making is that this experience, living at HP, has been one I will never forget. Magical and life-evolving, a truly beautiful chapter in the book.

The teachings that underlie my environment, the incredible people, the love, the support, the structure and offering of truth in so many ways remain sacred. I cannot really put into words how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to live at such a place.

So anyway, enough about me. This card was intended to thank you, for your heart, strength and stability; thank you for everything. Thank you for Healing Properties and all the soul behind it. I had to write this at the risk of my nostalgia – So, I will see you and keep in touch – ya da ya da.

With lots of Love and cheer,
Anna Marie

PS: Did I mention HP rocks? You Rock?

Healing Properties Facilitated My Transformation into the Person that I Wanted to Be

My name is Ian D.

Over ten years, my use of drugs and alcohol evolved from an experiment between friends to a full time obsession. By the age of 24, the hopelessness was crushing, and I moved back in with my parents. I was incapable of holding a job, forming a relationship, or living independently. Shame, fear, and guilt were my guiding forces. Death seemed the only way out.

After a small, but effective intervention, I spent thirty days in a treatment center. I was introduced to the idea that my disease required a complete spiritual and behavioral transformation for recovery. It was recommended that I spend three months in a halfway house before returning home. I rebelled against the notion, but I could no longer continue the fight. Fear and despair opened me up to suggestion. I would be going to Healing Properties in Delray, Florida.

A resident volunteered to pick me up at the airport. I was greeted warmly by the management and given a tour of the property. My anxiety dissipated as I saw the clean, fully furnished house were I would be staying with five other roommates. The simple rules were based on safety, sobriety, and respect. I was expected to be involved in an active program of sobriety, consisting of going to meetings and getting a sponsor.

I stayed at Healing Properties for the next eight months. I came to embrace the rules and call the property “home.”  The residents and staff have become my closest friends and support group. I have come to learn respect for those around me by living with a diverse variety of housemates. The safe environment was the perfect place to find a new design for living that can be continued for the rest of my life. A mixture of structure and independence helped me to enter back into society with a new set of spiritual principles. Healing Properties facilitated my transformation into the person that I wanted to be, and helped me to find freedom and happiness. While at the property, I was reborn under God. I have left Healing Properties to pursue my dreams, but it will remain forever in my heart.

Ian D.
House 52

God Led Me to a Halfway House in Delray Beach Called Healing Properties

Dear Tim,

My name is Nicole and I’m an alcoholic and an addict. I always thought that if I could just stop drinking, I would be happy. If I could just lay off the drugs, I would be able to accomplish the things I had planned and I would find peace and serenity. Despite the threat of death, emotional destruction, and the shame and guilt that hung over me every minute of every miserable day, I couldn’t stop inviting the abuse of my addiction.

My parents gave me a choice, treatment or the street. I chose treatment because it sounded like a safe 30 day escape. Although I longed for the personal achievements and accomplishments that would surely follow sobriety, I was extremely frightened by the thought of living my life without the haze and comfort brought on by alcohol and drugs.

After 28 days as a patient in a residential rehab for substance abuse, even with the therapy and treatment, I realized that if I went back home I would die. For the first time in my life, I decided that I didn’t know best, listened to therapists and supports, and followed suggestions. I admitted I was powerless.

God led me to a halfway house in Delray Beach called Healing Properties. Scared out of my mind and willing to do anything to stay sober, I moved into the sober house and immediately began to follow suggestions. The first rule required that I get a sponsor and work the steps. I had no idea what the 12 steps entailed, but with the support of the girls and guidance from my property manager I began building a foundation as I learned about a solution with infinite possibilities.

There are numerous club houses offering daily AA and NA meetings in Delray Beach and surrounding areas such as Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. The rules of the facility and the random drug testing provided the structure I needed to stay focused on recovery. The houses are located off of Atlantic Ave which offered many job opportunities and beaches within walking distance. All of these things made my transition from rehab into real world situations a lot more comfortable. The houses provided a safe, clean, community for this hopeless alcoholic. As the result of getting a sponsor, I was taken through the steps and the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous brought me to a solution that could solve all my problems. That solution is God.

I lived at Healing Properties for 8 months and it changed my life in a way that I can’t describe in words. I always thought that if I could just stop drinking, I would be happy. If I could just lay off the drugs, I would find peace and serenity. The difference today is that I have found an incredible happiness, unending peace, and a contentment I thought I never deserved, and because of these things, I do not drink, and I have no desire for drugs.


If you are a man afflicted with addiction, call Healing Properties today to get help overcoming and achieving a productive & successful Sober Living.

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