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Can a Crack Pen Beat Cocaine Addiction?

It doesn’t matter how counter-intuitive the crack pen sounds; the question is will it be the answer to cocaine addiction? Some say Yes.

John Hood
John Hood, on January 20, 2022

MLK Day: Keeping The Dream Alive

MLK Day is a great day to honor the man, his vision and all that he did for America. It’s also a great day to step up to try and do likewise.

John Hood
John Hood, on January 17, 2022

Daddy Was a Drug Addict — So What?

Parker thought he’d done everything he could to not grow up to be a drug addict like his father. Then he finally reached out to help his dad.

John Hood
John Hood, on January 16, 2022

Does Big Pharma Decide Who Lives & Dies?

Who decides who lives and dies? Some say God. Others say Fate. Some even say Extra-Terrestrials. Many more though believe it’s Big Pharma. Really.

John Hood
John Hood, on January 15, 2022

When Synanon Was the Answer to Addiction

Once Upon A Very Different Time addiction was treated by the community for the community. That community’s name was Synanon.

John Hood
John Hood, on January 12, 2022

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