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Fentanyl Arrests Break Records Across U.S.

Fentanyl arrests aren’t just breaking records on the borders and the coasts, they’re also off the charts across the Heartland.

John Hood
John Hood, on May 24, 2023

Long-term Sobriety: Tips for Success

Like every great, good thing in life, long-term sobriety begins with a single step, especially if it happens to be Step One!

John Hood
John Hood, on May 21, 2023

Creating the Wonderful Sound of Sobriety

This little town on Troublesome Creek is summoning the glorious sound of sobriety one instrument at a time.

John Hood
John Hood, on May 20, 2023

MDMA: The History of Rolling out of Control

The History of MDMA long precedes DJs and party people.

John Hood
John Hood, on May 18, 2023

No, Uber Eats Does NOT Deliver Meth

Seems one meth head was so desperate they tried using Uber Eats. They should’ve called Uber Tweaks!

John Hood
John Hood, on May 12, 2023

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