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Grievance Policy




It is the policy of Healing Properties to have a procedure for grievance for its Clients.  Any Client, who feels he is being treated unfairly, has an unresolvable conflict with Healing Properties or its employee(s), or is unsatisfied with living conditions, may follow a grievance procedure in order to resolve the conflict.




  1. Clients should always discuss their problems or complaints first with house manager. Most problems should be resolved at this level.  If not, the Client may appeal to successively higher levels of authority for a final decision.
  2. When presenting a grievance, the Client may have another employee/Client in attendance at any step in the process.
  • When a grievance is presented in writing, a written reply shall be returned.
  1. Grievance meetings are to be held in a private place.
  2. A Client may not be disciplined for initiating a grievance in good faith.



  1. Present the grievance verbally in person to the house manager (Jun Yang). The housing manager and/or housing supervisor must give an answer within two (2) business days.
  2. If the matter is not resolved at “I” above, the Client may appeal in writing to the CEO (David Zaiff) in which the Client resides. The CEO must respond within two (2) business days.
  • If the Client is still unsatisfied and wishes to appeal the CEO decision, he may appeal to FARR. FARR can be contacted at 561-299-0405 or at

It’s important to follow the grievance or complaint procedures carefully and to document all pertinent facts, dates and information when filing a report or claim.

Step 1: Filing

A Formal Grievance should be filed within 30 days of when the complainant became aware or suspected the violation of ethics or standards. The Formal Grievance should be documented on the FARR Formal Grievance Form; Verbal grievances will not be acted upon. Access to this from can be gained by contacting 561-292-0405 or by going to .

Step 2: Submission

The FARR Formal Grievance Form should be submitted to the Executive Director of FARR, or if a perceived conflict exists, to the Chairman of the FARR Ethics Committee;


Step 3: Notification of Receipt

Grievant should be notified by email or telephone within 3 business days of the Executive Director’s receipt of the grievance. The Executive Director of FARR forwards a copy of the Grievance to the Chairman of the FARR Ethics Committee for review and discussion;

Step 4: Investigation

Within 30 days of receipt of the written compliant, the FARR Ethics Committee will complete an objective investigation of the matter and record the findings in writing;
An extension of no more than 30 days may be granted for investigations that take longer than the initial 30-day timeframe. No member of the Ethics Committee or Executive Committee shall intentionally try to stall, prolong, or delay proceedings. The complainant /grievant and / or respondent may be requested to appear separately in front of the Ethics Committee. Written notice of the time and date will be sent to the grievant at least 10 days prior to the hearing.

Step 5: Presentation to the Board

FARR Ethics Committee presents to the FARR Executive Committee at the next scheduled meeting. The presentation shall include the compliant / grievance; investigation summary including an objective account of everything that transpired to
result in the grievance and as well as anything that have occurred as a result of the grievance, and the recommended action to be taken;

Step 6: Board Decision / Recommendations

FARR Board of Directors will discuss and make a formal recommendation for vote at the next general meeting. A report of the findings, voting results, and corrective actions to be taken will be provided to the grievant via email within 14 business days after the general meeting. The proceedings will be recorded in general meeting minutes to keep official record.

Note:  Client should be made to feel comfortable that by filing this Grievance Form that he will NOT face any retribution, retaliation, or intimidation.  Any Staff member found to have impeded this process will be terminated.


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy please contact us.

This Grievance Policy is effective as of: 01/05/2020

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