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Time to Get Newslettered!

Time to Get Newslettered!

It’s that time of the year again; that sky high time of salute and tribulation. We’re talking about getting newslettered dig? Which gives us a chance to shout out to our comrades in recovery, from both sides of the Big Book.

We mean sober grads like Thomas H., who sprang from Staten Island, and got his early recovery bonafides at Beachcomber Rehabilitation right here in Delray Beach. Or Nate D., who got his chops at neighboring Immersion Recovery Center. Or 22 year-old Elijah E., who sprang from Smyrna, Tennessee and earned his stripes first at Boca Cove Detox, down in Boca, then at Lighthouse Recovery Institute up in Boynton Beach.

As proud as we all are of our latest grads, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include our latest batch of 5 Star Reviews, which came from the likes of fellow grads Patrick Fontaine, Chris Wack and Grover Cobb. Thank you all!

Alcohol Rehab Delray Beach

Of course we also newslettered John Hood’s latest blog posts, these on Restorative Justice, Epigenetic Inheritance and a soulful character named Johnny Polygon, who’s cleverly put the 12 Steps to music. All in all, it’s one wild ride of a read.

So take a looksee, and see what we mean — about life, about love and about sobriety.

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