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For Fifteen Years

Healing Properties Florida Halfway House and Sober Living in Delray Beach’s mission has been to provide a safe, clean and healthy halfway house for men recovering from the disease of alcoholism/addiction. Our halfway house is centrally located in Delray Beach, Florida, close to meetings, jobs, Atlantic Avenue and the beautiful Florida beach. We require involvement in a 12 step program and provide random drug and alcohol testing.

Dedicated to Assisting

We are dedicated to assisting our halfway house residents in every way possible to achieve a productive and successful livelihood while at Healing Properties Sober Living. We reserve the right to be extremely selective in our screening process and are interested in halfway house residents who are motivated and serious about their recovery.

Our goal is not to be a treatment center but help our halfway house resident’s transition from inpatient to independent living. With this in mind we are going to offer each halfway house resident a safe, healthy, sober and structured environment to implement daily living skills.


Using Principles of AA

We find that by living the principles of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous in our daily lives our halfway house residents have become accountable and responsible members of our sober living community and society as a whole. Healing Properties Sober Living believes that the byproduct of working with a sponsor, working the 12 steps, going to meetings and interacting with sober supports makes the rules that we enforce almost inconsequential. Our goal is to have a halfway house where the life experiences of our residences can be an example to the others within our community and where they can build from each other’s recovery path.

Trying to be the Best Halfway House

Healing Properties is determined to be the best halfway house and sober living community available, not just striving to exceed others, but genuinely basing our philosophies on the principles and the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you do feel you may need a higher level of care, please visit our website and call our affiliate treatment center, Recovery Boot Camp, at 561-563-8880.

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If you are a man afflicted with addiction, call Healing Properties today to get help overcoming and achieving a productive & successful Sober Living.

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