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Back to the Classic Triggers and Temptations

triggers and temptations

Back to the Classic Triggers and Temptations

While we (thankfully) no longer have to worry about the triggers and temptations brought about by Covid, we’re by no means out of the proverbial woods. In fact, the all-time classic relapse tracks seem to be roaring back louder than ever.

Then again, why wouldn’t they be? Those old school faves have basically been kept silent the past fifteen months. Instead we got blasted by a pandemic playlist of obscure rarities no one had ever even heard before. Hell, we couldn’t even summon a decent sing-along.

Okay, so we did on occasion end up singing the same old song. And it was as depressing then as it had always been. Said song was also just as dangerous. Because nothing quite says relapse as much as a lonely old wallow.

But those days of singing sad songs all by our lonesome are over. Well, they’re over if we want them to be anyway. So is Covid. (Knock wood.) That means we’ve got a complete songbook full of the most memorable triggers and temptations a drinker or a druggie has ever sung. Whether or not you join the chorus is entirely up to you.

Trigger vs Temptation

What’s the difference between a trigger and a temptation? Is there really even a difference? In a word: yes. Oh, there’s some blurring of the lines of course. In fact, sometimes the two are indistinguishable. Plus, they both lead back to that same dark place. Yes, we mean relapse. And no, we don’t wanna go. We don’t want you to go either. That’s why we’re here.

A trigger, as you already suspect, is something that sets you off. Squeeze the trigger and that’s that. There’s no putting the bullet back. So it’s incredibly important to be able to keep your fingers far, far away from them.

But first you’ve gotta be able to recognize them. If you can spot ’em at a distance, all the better. Because that’ll give you time enough to sidestep the consequences. Consequences that could have very serious consequences.

Covid was the exception that threw out the rulebook. Covid itself was one giant trigger. Everything about it seemed designed to set someone off. Not just addicts and alcoholics either. No, Covid packed enough punch to set off legions, regardless of penchant. It did too. Hundreds of thousands of people found themselves drinking and drugging more than they ever had in their entire lives.

Glass of wine with dinner types were downing boxes of wine with breakfast. The two martini lunch crowd kept full bottles on their desks. The social drinker became the anti-social drinker. The pot smoker sprinkled coke on to their joints, then added an opiate back for good measure. Indeed, everywhere you turned, so-called “normies” had ripped pages from The Book of SUD, then rewrote the chapters to fit their given whim.

The one good thing about Covid being a wall-to-wall trigger was that the pandemic largely didn’t permit temptations to even enter the picture. After all, what’s a little temptation compared to a shot heard ’round the whole wide world?

Classic Triggers and Temptations

Post Covid though, things will be going back to normal. That means the usual triggers will be triggering more and more people, and people will be more and more tempted by the vast array of temptations. So it’s best to identify the potential culprits. Then to do everything you can to avoid or resist them.

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Again, triggers are generally things that set you off. For instance:

  • A Loved One: It could be something as simple as coming home late or not washing the dishes (though we hope you’re stronger than that), or it may be something as serious as cheating or lying (though we don’t wish that upon anyone).
  • A Missed Opportunity: Okay, so you didn’t get the job or the promotion. Maybe you missed meeting that boy or that girl. Perhaps something kept you from entering that race; prevented you from proving yourself. If it was meant to be, it would’ve been. If it affects you at all, it should be to make sure you’re better placed or prepared the next time opportunity knocks.
  • A Loss: Losing someone or something is a tough one. Maybe the toughest of all. Especially losing someone. Even losing someone to divorce can be a hair trigger. Losing someone to death basically places the gun in your hand. That’s why you need solid support. Whether it’s one true friend or a roomful of steady sober supporters, it’s crucial to have someone close at hand when suffering a loss. So please, reach out. And don’t forget to be someone people can rely upon as well. That also helps.
  • Temptations

    Temptations are people, places and things that, well, tempt you into veering off course. Something that pulls you aside in a way that’s generally detrimental. It could be a gentle tug or an outright yank, but whatever it is, it won’t bode well.

  • People: An old drug buddy. A hard-partying ex. Your boys from the corner bar. A doped up rockstar. Any one of these can bring back that old-time feeling. And that old-time feeling can easily lead to reliving old times. Heck, you can even be tempted by the people that drove you to drink or to drug in the first place.
  • Places: The corner bar. The hottest club. Your boys’ basement. Your girls’ family room. The dope house (or dope block). Hell, it could even be the dope neighborhood. Some places simply scream relapse. The farther you can stay away, the better off you’ll be.
  • Things: A certain dress or suit. A special plate or a perfect table. Keepsakes and good luck charms. Voodoo dolls and video games. A certain singer or song. A particular movie or TV show. The list of things that might drive you to drug or to drink is potentially endless. It’s also highly personal. Know the risks. But don’t let ’em own you.
  • There’s more of course. Much, much more. Of both triggers and temptations. But this should be enough to work from. And while each trigger and temptation should be treated seriously, you can’t let ’em dictate your life. You can’t let them be an excuse either. At the end of the day, it’s you and only you who’s in charge. Don’t ever forget it.

    What about you anyway? Having issues with triggers and temptations? How about giving Healing Properties a call? We’ve been helping men sidestep relapse since 2001, so we’re sure to be able to assist. In fact, it would be an honor. All you’ve got to do is call.

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