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Behind the Black Door 1 – Overcoming Addiction

Sober Living Facility Delray Beach

Behind the Black Door 1 – Overcoming Addiction

This is my first post for Behind the Black Door so I think I will start from my first memory at Healing Properties. After over 6 months of inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, I decided to take the suggestion of my therapist and continue my treatments in a safe and supporting environment in Delray Beach FL. I chose Healing Properties Halfway House for the location but in reality, when I think back on it, I think Healing Properties chose me.

At first, being the little kid in a man’s body I have always been, I was scared. I didn’t know these people, I was a long way from home in Delray Beach FL, and to make matters worse it was my first time out of the intensive bubble that is the drug and alcohol treatment facility program or going through opiate withdrawal timeline. Attending my first house meeting, needless to say, I was nervous… especially after someone told me I would have to sing a song in front a group of about 35 other people my age. Come to think of it, I think petrified would be more appropriate.

“Hi, I am Philthadelphia, and I am an alcoholic,” I said nervously.

“Hey Philth…welcome!” replied the group enthusiastically.

“Tell us about yourself and what Healing Properties Halfway House can do to help you,” asked the house manager.

“Well, I said hesitantly,” going into the spiel of problems and issues that led me to Healing Properties in the first place, “I’ve always been intimidated by people.”

“Can you guys help Philthadelphia feel more comfortable?” asked the house manager.

With a resounding, “YES!” I had been officially welcomed into Healing Properties Halfway House. I could feel the energy coming from this odd-ball group of full grown men, tattoos, drug problems and all. What a sight! In an instant, the fear and loneliness subsided and I realized I was home. It was then that I realized, I didn’t chose Healing Properties, Healing Properties chose me.

~ Written By: Any one of the current tenants of Healing Properties

Michael Wright
Michael Wright, on in Sober Living

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