When it was first suggested that I go to a Halfway House in Delray Beach, I figured it was a good place to stay sober and meet other sober people with whom I can learn to navigate my newfound life of sobriety. I saw it as a place to go and meet new friends, learn the “tricks of the trade”, and have some grounding with which to sprout some new roots strong enough to hold together the remains of my miserable and out of control lifestyle. But, in the end, Healing Properties Halfway House gave me so much more.

I have always heard from others, “If you want what someone has, then do what they do,” a phrase which meant nothing to a hopeless alcoholic and drug addict like me. I wanted what others had but under no circumstances was I going to do what they did; to be frank, it was because I had no idea what they had or what they did.

Over time, however, I had the opportunity to observe the revolving door of sobriety, the people coming, the people going, and most importantly the people who actually stayed. I soon realized what this phrase actually meant. I saw before me, the growing tree of sobriety, as people with sponsers got sponsees and in turn began watering their own roots of sobriety, exponentially turning the roots that I sought into a blossoming tree. I realized how low I had set the bar for myself, I was satisfied with roots (i.e. an end to my chaotic lifestyle) and neglected to pursue my ultimate blossoming tree (i.e. a life of security, serenity, and happiness). Coming in, and ultimately staying, at Healing Properties Halfway House gave me the opportunity to see the forest and not just the trees.

~ Written By: Any one of the current tenants of Healing Properties