Some times things just suck, there are no if, and, or buts about it. Things just suck.

When these things come up, people will tell me, “Its all in god’s plan” or, “its all for the best.” But at the end of the day these things have very little impact on how I am feeling as this is all stuff that I already know. Not just cognitively understand, but things that I have come to internalize and truly believe in. But no matter how many times it is repeated, these AA catchphrases mean nothing to me no matter how much I truly believe them to be true. I want to see, hear, or feel that plan and I want it now!

Today, when things just weren’t going my way, when I wanted to deck the closest dumb person in the face I found my sponsor and we talked. He agreed that he feels this way at times and has come to find one critical point: it is all about acceptance.


He continued to explain that it is all about acceptance and in reality, I had no idea what that meant. Acceptance does not mean that everything is rainbows and blow jobs all the time…life is not always going to be prancing through fields of daisies.

Acceptance is understanding that sometimes things suck, acceptance is understanding that when things suck it is OK.

~ Written By: Any one of the current tenants of Healing Properties