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Behind the Black Door 5 – Maintaining Sobriety

Sober Living Facility Delray Beach

Behind the Black Door 5 – Maintaining Sobriety

Its always sad when people close to us disappear. We have all experienced at some point in life; friends, family, girlfriends, whatever it may be. Unfortunately, in this recovery game it happens more times than anybody would like think. When I first came to Delray Beach for drug and alcohol treatment, I figured people just came to a treatment center, underwent some form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and out of nowhere….bam…they were healed. Kind of like those cheesy preachers I used to watch on TV all cracked out on the couch.

What I realized when I came to Healing Properties Halfway House is that this process was going to be a lot more complicated than first anticipated; the old adage, “the more someone knows, the more they begin to realize how little they actually know” has shown to be absolutely true in my life today.

This past week, someone that played a crucial role in my life today, someone that I went to with a lot of my day to day problem, a person I looked up to and respected, a person that showed me what it meant to actually be of service to other people, disappeared into the abyss of drug and alcohol addiction. Despite the void, what I learned was the true nature of this process and how easy it is to fall back into old patterns when I don’t do the things I need to do on a daily basis to stay sober. Whether someone has 4 months, 4 years, or 40 years it doesn’t matter. What does matter, is maintaining a relationship with God and seeing that my relationship with him is right.

For that I am grateful.

~ Written By: Any one of the current tenants of Healing Properties

Michael Wright
Michael Wright, on in Sober Living

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