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Best Sober Living in South Florida 20 Years Running

Best Sober Living

Best Sober Living in South Florida 20 Years Running

Best Sober Living is hardly the most objective term. Heck, no best ever really is. Not entirely. After all, best implies a certain personal feeling no matter how it’s derived. Then again, there are occasions when people or places or things make the Best List simply because they earned it. Should that be ignored because personal feelings were involved?

Of course not.

That’s why we’re taking our Best Sober Living and running with it. For 20 solid years we’ve been guiding men along a path to sobriety. And for 20 years those men have gone on to lead full and productive lives. Before those men got fully enveloped though, they each left a Google Review. Nine out of 10 of those reviews said Healing Properties provided the Best Sober Living possible. The rest used words like Great and Super and Terrific. Whatever the superlative, they also showed immense and unequivocal gratitude. So yeah, we’re taking our Best Mentions to the bank!

Best Sober Living: What Does That Look Like?

Sober Living comes in all sizes and flavors. But the Best Sober Living facility always contains certain ingredients. Some of those ingredients are easy to procure; others perhaps not so much. All of them are essential though. Unless, of course you want something indigestible.

12 Steps

The Big Book may sound old-fashioned. So it’s better to use the term classic. This way you can recognize the why behind AA’s longevity without getting all caught up in its age. Because there’s a reason why The Big Book is still on sober shelves after all these years. The 12 Steps work. It really is that simple.

Gainful Employment

Healing Properties requires all clients to be gainfully employed right out of the gate. It doesn’t have to be your dream job, or even in your usual field. It does though have to generate enough revenue to handle your weekly expenses. This applies even if you have outside sources of income. The big idea is to get you re-engaged with the world at large on a day-by-day basis. It’s also to re-instill some accountability. Fortunately Delray Beach has no shortage of employment opportunities, of every variety. So whether you’re looking to re-engage with a trade, restart your career or grab a quick something to tide you over, it’ll be a cinch. And once you get that new job skip in your step, you’ll be a convert!

Strong Sober Support

Delray Beach also happens to be thick with strong sober support. There’s a 12 Step Meeting almost every hour of every day. It’s also never very far away. And if by chance there isn’t, you’ll find strong sober support where you work. Heck, you’ll even find it on your doorstep. Because as far as sobriety is concerned, Healing Properties has a courtyard that is nothing short of magic. No foolin.’

Friends and Family, Wherever That May Be

Oh, the friends you’ll make and the family you’ll reunite with. And oh, the friends who’ll end up like family. Whether you choose to remain in South Florida or return home, your time here will be remembered for the rest of your life. And so will the friends you make. In fact, it’s those friends who’ll be around helping you to remember, long after you’ve moved up and on. Best though will be the bonds you’ll renew with your blood relatives. We all do some crazy things in our active addictions. Sadly our families often pay much of the price. Sobriety gives you a chance to square things once and for all. It will be a lifelong blessing.

What About Those Reviews?

And what about those Google Reviews? Where are they and how can we find them? Better yet, what do they look like. Well, you can find all of our Google Reviews right here. And since not all Google Reviews are created equally, we’ll share a few now too. We’ll keep it to three though. This way if you do jump over to the Reviews Page, you’ll have lots and lots of surprises. You can also check our in-house Testimonials. That’s right, we’ve assembled both Written and Video Testimonials. And like our Google Reviews, their stars are as voluminous as their gratitude.

Jack, Justin and John

Three months back three of our brethren moved on up and on to ever greater things. They were also kind enough to leave 5 Star Google Reviews when they did so! And not just any ol’ Five Star Review either. No, each of these three sober superstars reached deep into themselves and delivered something truly personal. That they could be so moving in such a brief space is testament to their courage, as well as their sobriety. It’s also testament to the courage sobriety has helped the men bring front and center.

We begin with Jack, who shared an entire year of his life with us here at Healing Properties.

Great place to go fresh out of treatment. Stayed here for a year and I wouldn’t be alive or free if I never went here. Was definitely the tough love I needed. I was neglectful of AA and the process at first, completely hated my future. But now I’m a step from finishing my 12 steps, on the path to a successful career and have plenty of supports I gained from the part in my life. I went into this halfway at 19 and the kick in the behind I got led me onto a successful life. Definitely keep this place as a choice, and never be afraid to call them and learn more.

Justin came in with nothing. But he ended up with everything he ever dreamed of and more!

If you’re looking for a place to get your life together/change your life look no further. I arrived at Healing Properties spiritually, emotionally, and financially broke. I left with a life I truly couldn’t have ever dreamed of having. This place is like finding a needle in a haystack in regards to accountability and having other guys around you that actually care. HP saved my life and I’m forever grateful.

John was particularly impressed by how seriously sobriety is taken by people at HP – clients and staff alike!

A wonderful healing place with excellent support and community. This place saves lives and is the finest sober environment I’ve ever been to. The people there care and community members take the program seriously. I will recommend this place to all who are in need of a place that works.

There’s more of course. Many, many more. After all, those are just the three of the most recent Google Reviews. Right now though we’ll simply thank Jack, Justin and John for deciding to find their way via Healing Properties. They may have arrived as clients, but they left as the finest of friends. In fact, they became just the kind of friends who make up a true family.

Healing Properties

Friends and family know that day after day Healing Properties does its best to deliver the best in sober living services. A quick look at our blog roll will tell you we also do our best to deliver the best and most helpful addiction news and information. Why? Because we know that an informed person is an armed person. And that means diligently arming you with the facts.

Since we are all about arming you with the facts though – and since that means all the facts – we sometimes forget to blow our own horn. But reminding you why we’re here also falls under being informed. In fact, it may just be the most helpful message we can provide.

So we bring you this handy dandy reminder. Oh, we’ll still be bringing you the latest in crime and punishment and recovery and sobriety. We’ll let you know where dangers lie, as well as the safe spots, and we’ll provide tips on how best to navigate through both. We’ll also keep delivering the kind of sobriety stories that inspire others to join the fold. We want to see as many people as possible choose sobriety. And if you’re part of the sober army, we know you do too.

What? You haven’t enlisted yet? Are you ready to join now? One quick call is all it takes, you know. So why not make it? Do it fast like a band-aid. Then before you know it, you’ll be well on your way. Well on your way to your next best life in South Florida’s best sober living facility. We can’t wait to meet you!

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