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The Reviews Are In! A Bona Fide Five Star Sober Home!

The Reviews Are In! A Bona Fide Five Star Sober Home!

Some sober homes get their stars by crossing their fingers and peering up into the sky. Others simply go out and buy the sparkles off the near dark web. But a bona fide five star sober home gets their interstellar lights the old-fashioned way — by doing the work. And then letting its clients decide how many stars the work’s worth.

That’s how Healing Properties became a bona fide five star sober home anyway. And that’s how we plan on retaining our five stars too. Because being the best at what you do is simply the best way to be.

How do we know? We’ve been at it for two solid decades!

Twenty Years of Men Helping Men

Okay, so our official 20th Year Anniversary isn’t until April. But when you’ve been happily doing something for so long, you tend to get amped. You get especially amped if you’ve been successful at it. And HP has a list of thousands who can attest to our success.

And theirs. Because we succeed only if you succeed. Really. Perhaps that’s why we’ve seen so many success stories. And why so many former clients are ready, willing, eager and able to step up and shoot us five stars.

And we’ve racked up quite a few five star ratings over the last 20 years. But no matter how many high fives we get, we’re grateful for each and every one of ’em. Indeed, each rating represents another life turned around and put back on track. One more brother, uncle, father and/or son able to rejoin his family. Another man back at it — not just re-engaging with his community, but once again contributing in the most meaningful of ways. Most importantly, it means one more man gets to stand up straight in front of the mirror and look himself squarely in the eye without flinching.

That’s right. When a man rejoins his life, the time for flinching has passed. After all, self-assured men have no need to flinch. And no more reason to either.

John, Justin & Jack

Since John, Justin and Jack were kind enough to take time from their newfound lives in order to drop off their star-topped reviews, the least we can do is let their words speak for themselves. Heck, it’s the reason they posted ’em, isn’t it? Of course it is. So without further ado, we bring you…

Jack’s 5 Star Review

Great place to go fresh out of treatment. Stayed here for a year and I wouldn’t be alive or free if I never went here. Was definitely the tough love I needed. I was neglectful of AA and the process at first, completely hated my future. But now I’m a step from finishing my 12 steps, on the path to a successful career and have plenty of supports I gained from the part in my life. I went into this halfway at 19 and the kick in the behind I got led me onto a successful life. Definitely keep this place as a choice, and never be afraid to call them and learn more.

John’s 5 Star Review

A wonderful healing place with excellent support and community. This place saves lives and is the finest sober environment I’ve ever been to. The people there care and community members take the program seriously. I will recommend this place to all who are in need of a place that works.

Justin’s 5 Star Review

If you’re looking for a place to get your life together/change your life look no further. I arrived at Healing Properties spiritually, emotionally, and financially broke. I left with a life I truly couldn’t have ever dreamed of having. This place is like finding a needle in a haystack in regards to accountability and having other guys around you that actually care. HP saved my life and I’m forever grateful.

Three Men; Three Succeeds

Jack, Justin and John. Three men. Three succeeds. The trio didn’t know each other before they arrived. Heck, they didn’t really know themselves. And they certainly didn’t know Healing Properties. But now these three know they’ve got solid sober support behind them, as well as the inner strength to achieve great things. They also know HP is a no-nonsense, let’s-do-this sober home that works.

Thanks for the reviews, fellas! And thanks for letting Healing Properties help you to help yourself.

Secrets of a Five Star Sober Home

The real secret behind running a five star sober home is that there are no secrets. Not when it comes to succeeding in sobriety anyway. We’re simply honest, straightforward and committed. Honest about our goal; straightforward about how we proceed; and committed to its achieving. Straight-up sobriety may not be easy, but it is simple. In fact, one sure way to fail is to be too smart about it.


Of course every successful recovery program has a few good do’s and don’ts, and Healing Properties’ program is no different. Again though, they’re not always easy, but they are as simple as simple can be.


  • Follow the 12 Steps Yep, you guessed it: HP takes AA’s 12 Steps from Day One. And we become stronger and more confident with each and every one of ’em. Much stronger and more confident. That strength and confidence impacts everything we do too. It also impacts everything we get to re-do. In fact, it’s the key to our Second Chance success.
  • Thank Your Lucky Stars There’s nothing like a heaping helping of gratitude to help you appreciate things, so we try to heap gratitude on just about everything we do. Going to bed sober at night? Thank you! Waking sober in the morning? Thank you! Remembering your sober dreams? Thanks there too! Once you get in the gratitude habit, more and ever better things begin happening. You meet the right person, you hit the right button, you get the right call. Eventually momentum picks up and you find yourself amid a bounty of can’t-miss and happiness. Yeah, we know. It sounds corny. That’s what we thought too, until we tried it. Now, we wouldn’t live it any other way!
  • Make the Call We all have calls we’ve been putting off. All of us. And whether it’s a family member or old friend, a parole or probation officer, or someone you owe loot to, it doesn’t get better with wait. It won’t go away either. So it’s best to just make the damn call and proceed on with your life. 99 times out of a hundred, it’ll all resolve with little or no sweat. And the one time it doesn’t, well, you deal with it. Much better than sweating out a maybe. And if you don’t have a pressing call to make, make one anyway. Call a friend, call a family member, call about a job. The point is to engage. Be a part of the community again. This way when that next frightening phone call arises, it’ll be a piece of cake.
  • Fellowship in the Ring We may not be facing off against each other, but we all are in the same ring. The good thing is our fellow gladiators are all on our side. We’re on their side too. And everybody does everything they can for each other. Yes, here at HP we’ve developed a considerable community of men. You’ll feel it the moment you enter the courtyard. And you’ll continue to feel it well after you’re gone. In fact, HP’s Recovered Alumni Program continues to grow stronger and more numerous each and every day. Then again, that’s what happens when men respect each other.

There’s more of course. Much, much more. But there’s no need to get into it. If you still wanna learn more though, why not check out some more Testimonials? There you’ll find scores of men who, just like Jack, John and Justin, came to HP in various states of yuck and left with their lives fully restored. We’ve got the goods in Writing and we’ve got ’em in Video. And they’re all as life-affirming as can be.

What about you? You ready to re-join the ranks of the self-assured? Looking to post your own 5 Star Review? We’re out here, you know. Kicking ass and enjoying life, more and more each day. And we’d be thrilled to have you on our team again. No foolin.’ Just hit the digits. Say you want in. And Healing Properties will lay out the welcome mat. And you’ll never be unwelcome anywhere ever again.

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