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Your Guide to Delray Beach Sober Living

delray beach sober living

Your Guide to Delray Beach Sober Living

Beyond its numerous addiction treatment centers and many halfway houses, Delray Beach has become synonymous with sober living. Why? Because of the strength and support of its sober community. So without further ado here’s your guide to Delray Beach Sober Living.

Delray Beach Sober Living

The 12 Steps

Whether A.A., N.A., C.A. or otherwise, Delray Beach is awash in 12 Step programs. In addition to Delray Central House and Crossroads Club (which hold numerous daily meetings of all stripes), meeting-makers can be found at numerous churches (including Church of the Palms, Trinity Lutheran and Cason Methodist). Delray Beach even has 12 Step meetings on the beach itself — sunrise and sunset. And there are few better ways to picture sobriety than looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sober Support

Yes, any sober living community that actively works the 12 Steps is bound to have substantial sober support, and Delray Beach sober living means being surrounded by people in sobriety. In Delray Beach you’ll not only find ready, willing and reliable sponsors to help put you through the 12 Steps, but you’ll find an eager community of newly sober people for you to sponsor yourself. And nothing keeps an addict sober so much as helping a fellow addict.

Sober Activities

A strong sober community also provides for a robust array of sober activities. For the most part, Delray Beach sober living means engaging with the great outdoors. That includes watersports such as kayaking, windsurfing and scuba and skin diving And that includes sports played by the water, such as beachside volleyball. Delray Beach is also home to many parks and recreation facilities, including the renowned Delray Beach Tennis Center.

Sober House Accountability

Delray Beach was one of the first communities in the entire nation to field a Sober Homes Task Force. The bad actors been now weeded out, and the good actors have gotten even better at delivering the miracle of sobriety. The State of Florida also sanctions sober living facilities. And there’s a network of NGOs which hold halfway houses accountable as well.

Your Choice for Delray Beach Sober Living

Healing Properties has become the go-to Delray Beach sober living facility. Since 2002, we’ve helped over 5000 mean achieve the miracle of long-term sobriety. In 2015, we added Recovery Boot Camp to our recovery equation. And we’ve now incorporated our own addiction treatment center alumni into the mix. The result is even more men getting sober — and staying sober.

Healing Properties is centrally located off Atlantic Avenue, close to parks, beaches and other outdoor activities, as well as many gainful employment opportunities. We adhere to the principles and practices of Alcoholics Anonymous, in everything we do. Because we’ve found that the 12 Step program works. In fact, it works wonders.

Healing Properties is certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR). And we’ve long prided ourselves on setting ever newer standards when it comes to maintaining sobriety.

Give us a ring to find out how we can be your answer to Delray Beach sober living.

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