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Life After Rehab (WATCH)

life after rehab

Life After Rehab (WATCH)

Many people talk about what happens in an addiction treatment center. But much less focus is on what happened once you leave the treatment facility. How do you live life after rehab? What do you do when there’s no one around to supervise you anymore? How do maintain sobriety in a world gone mad from drugs and alcohol?

Living Life After Rehab

There are many matters to consider when living life after rehab. The most important perhaps is when you should return to your so-called “normal” life. Do you head straight home upon completing addiction treatment? Do you enroll in some sort of aftercare program? Will a sober living facility help you transition back into the “real world”? If so, how long should you stay? How soon is too soon?

Here are some of the advantages provided by Healing Properties sober living facility:

  • Strong Sober Support
  • Drug & Alcohol Monitoring
  • Safe, Clean Living Environment
  • Optional OP and Aftercare Programs
  • Active and Thriving Recovery Community

Every client is different, of course. And so is every client’s situation. That’s why our adjacent Recovery Boot Camp provides individually-designed addiction treatment programs. That’s also why Healing Properties keeps an open door sober home policy. Whether or not a resident is a graduate of RBC. While we generally recommend 90 days of post-treatment sober living, some men choose to say on as long as a year or more. Whatever it takes to gain strength enough to face the world as a sober man.

Smooth Transition to Sobriety

Are you wary about life after rehab? Do you feel your old neighborhood is loaded with triggers and temptations which might jeopardize your recovery? Are you thinking it’s time to reevaluate your living situation and choose a smoother transition? Then Healing Properties is for you.

A sober living facility can help newly sober individuals avoid triggers and temptations, as well as set goals, process feelings and heal family dynamics. It will also provide strong sober support. You’ll be among men who, like you, have fought the good fight. And who are now determined to win the war against addiction. Men who want to earn full respect, so they can in turn live fully and respectfully.

Does that sound good to you? Of course it does. After all, most of us haven’t had an upstanding day in quite some time, nevermind an upstanding life. But such an achievement is possible. In fact, it’s actually probable. If, that is, you are ready and willing to fully commit to sobriety. You’ve already detoxed. Got the drugs and the drink out of your system. You’ve also already completed addiction treatment. Learned the ins and outs of substance use disorder and how it can be beat. So why not go for the whole deal?

Why not indeed. Just imagine looking yourself in the mirror again and liking what you see. Picture your face once plagued by worry and regret transformed into an image worthy of respect. Imagine honoring your commitments, being there for your family, walking with your head held high. That’s life after rehab for the sober man. So give us a call and find out how that can be your life too.

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