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When You’re Looking for the Best Florida Sober Home

When You’re Looking for the Best Florida Sober Home

It’s one thing to call yourself the Best Florida Sober Home; it’s quite another when someone else calls you that though. See, in the first case scenario, it’s just plain bragging. In the second, you’re letting someone else do the talking. Oh, it’s still bragging. After all, you’re blowing your own horn. But you’re also backing up that bragging. And that makes all the difference in the world.

Even better is letting a few someones do your boasting. Prove that the first case held weight. When more than one start singing a place’s praises, well, the place is definitely praiseworthy. And that’s what we’ve got here. One after another after another delivering a rave report. Then again, when you’ve been in business for 20 solid years and you take the time to do things right, repeated raves is what you get.

Here’s the latest three posted to Google in praise of Healing Properties:

Best Florida Sober Home

When you’re looking for the best Florida sober home, there are a few musts to keep in mind. Most of all is evidence that the sober home runs an effective program. There’s no better evidence than testament from a former resident. Someone who’s been there and done that is obviously in the best position to say whether or not something is worthy. If said someone has been there, done that and succeeded, all the better.

The three men you’re about to meet are all Healing Properties alumni. Like prior alumni, they’ve been here, worked the program, and gone on to lead fulfilling lives. And that is our foremost criteria.


Take Seth. The brand new grad was in a bit of hurry to get back at it, so he didn’t really have time to leave too much of a review. Nevertheless Seth made sure he shouted out a little something, if only so everyone knew exactly what was what. And in two simple sentences, Seth showed us all that everything about his HP experience was absolutely spot on!

“Great location and great people,” reads the review. “They helped me get my life built back up from ground zero.”

In this case, Seth really didn’t need to say more!


Rion is also a relatively recent graduate of Healing Properties’ long-running sober program. Like Seth, Rion was eager to get back at it. He was also eager to tell the world that he was back at it in the best of all possible ways. See Rion was a bit lost when he first got out of rehab. And he was feeling a little alone. While that in fact happens to most of us, it can still throw a fella for a loop. Fortunately Rion came to just the right place .

Let’s let Rion tell it himself.

When I got to Healing Properties I had just gotten out of treatment and I had no clue how to actually stay sober. Halfway was new to me and I had my doubts. I didn’t think I would fit in, but within an hour of being there I met some really good people who introduced themselves to me and they invited me to go get some food with them. The one thing I really loved about Healing Properties was the community. I never felt like I was alone in my recovery. I always had someone I could reach out to, whether it was my peers or the staff. Healing Properties helped show me I could live a happy life without putting a substance in my body. They helped me stay sober and it truly helped save my life.

How’s that for a success story? Recovery really doesn’t get much better than that. It can’t. Because that’s as good as it gets.


Shaun would surely concur with Seth and Rion. Despite the fact that he initially had a problem even concurring with himself! That’s right. Shaun experienced nothing but good while he was at HP. Six months of positivity. And while there was a hiccup here and there, none turned out to be more than just that – a minor hiccup. Shaun being human, and having lived in the real world, found that hard to believe. As would a lot of people. But he went back, mulled it all over and – yes, indeed! – it was true. HP provided the right stuff throughout his entire stay. Better yet, HP primed Shaun with the right stuff, so he could go on to be the man he was meant to be all along.

Here’s the whole story:

My overall experience while at Healing Properties Sober Living was 100 percent positive. And I’m asking myself as I write this, how can that be? How can a 6-month period be 100 percent positive?
So let’s say there were times, and moments, maybe even days in a row, that incidents and occurrences occurred – an appliance gave out, or maybe another client had a melt down, etc. Because those things happened. And while it does not “feel” overly positive when these things take place. In fact, it can be aggravating, sad, angering and/or maddening; triggering all the negative emotions one can experience, justify or excuse. Then again, those things will take place if you stay long enough. Because it is real life living.

Healing Properties gives men the opportunity to work through real life issues while they’re clean and sober; travelling through these experiences until they reach internal and eternal resolve. The structure – i.e. requirements and rules – are set up in such a way that the individual can find his way through the process employing interdependence from the whole community. Furthermore, significant relationships are formed here, and this, even more than rules or requirements, creates accountability.

The house manager does an excellent job of ensuring the rules are followed, adapting to individual needs and circumstances as required. He might suggest counseling or intervention, or maybe a hands-off approach. Whatever the case, he expertly treads the fine line that allows an individual to find his way while keeping the community safe from anyone who might cross certain boundaries.
I was at Healing Properties six months. The absolute hardest emotional thing I went through during that time took place over the two weeks leading up to my departure. I worked through that and found my way to the airport. My stay was 100 percent positive!

Thankful to be Considered a Best Florida Sober Home

Florida’s sober home community doesn’t have charts or a rating system. (Though we believe it should.) So the only real way to tell if a sober living facility is successful is through the clients. Is a sober house doing what it’s supposed to be doing? Is a halfway house sticking to its program? Does it even a solid program? If so, what is it?

Speaking of which, Alcoholics Anonymous is by far one of the most successful substance abuse programs in existence. It’s also been saving people for nearly a century. So if a sober home is working AA’s 12 Steps, it’s definitely on the right track. Another plus is whether or not the halfway house has been on that right track for some time. Not that brand new ventures are all bad, mind you. But there’s certainly something to be said about the facility that’s been helping people for a decade or two. Something indeed.

That brings us to Healing Properties. Yes, we work the 12 Steps. Always have; always will. Why not? It works. We’ve also been around a minute. Twenty full years worth of minutes, in fact. So there’s that. Add the fact that we’re in beautiful Delray Beach, with South Florida’s beautiful beaches in one direction, the legendary Everglades in the other and an entire town full of sobriety surrounding us, and well, you couldn’t ask for a better setting.

Don’t just take out word for it though. Read the Google Reviews. (Or leave one yourself.) We’ve got Testimonials too – written and video-taped. When you’re finished, then give us a ring. We’ll get you sorted right quick. No fooling.

(Image: Courtesy Kim Seng aka Captain Kimo)

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