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Merry Christmas! From Our Family to Yours!

Merry Christmas! From Our Family to Yours!

All 7000+ Members of Our Family would like to wish Each and Every Member of Your Family a Very Merry Christmas! Yep, you read correctly. Our family contains over 7000 men. It also stretches from sea to shining sea. So yeah, that’s a whole lotta wishes!

But we believe you deserve each and every one of those wishes — and more! In fact, we insist upon it. Because somehow, some way, you’re on this crazy journey right alongside us. Pushing and hoping and praying and caring just as we are. That means you’re as responsible for all the miracles as everyone else. It also means we’re beyond grateful.

So please, by all means, accept our 7000+ wishes, and have a Happy Merry Christmas!

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Two Decades of Christmases

That’s right. Twenty Christmases ago, we decided to devote our lives to helping men get clean and stay clean. For good. We’d experienced the miracle of sobriety; now we wanted to share that miracle with the world. Seven thousand-plus men later, we’re still sharing it!

And we’ll be sharing that miracle so long as there are men in need of our help. In fact, we’re honored to do so. Few vocations allow folks to bond on such a deep and meaningful level. Even fewer provide a front row seat to pure blessing and wondrousness. So you’ll forgive us our pride please. And permit us our shared joy.

Merry Christmas — No Matter What

No, this holiday season isn’t like last holiday season. In fact, it’s like no other season ever. But that doesn’t mean we can’t spread holiday cheer. It simply means we’ve gotta stay safe while doing so. Fortunately, we’ve got options. Whether you text or Zoom or email or make an actual call, please let those you know and love know how much you love ‘em. In fact, staying way safe will prove you love ‘em so much that you’re doing just what it takes to make sure they stay absolutely safe too.

Bet on it.

A Very Special Thanks!

This year, like last year, the great good folks at the Schnellenberger Family Foundation provided all the fine fixin’s for Healing Properties’ Annual Christmas Brunch. And this year, like last year, the fixin’s were at once delightful and delicious! Unlike last year however, we were one of the few families that actually got to be together on this holiday. That makes us double-plus fortunate — and double-plus grateful!

Thank You SFF!

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