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Mystery Woman Helps Post Malone Become a Better Man

Mystery Woman Helps Post Malone Become a Better Man

Last month Post Malone pulled a double whammy on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” – an unplugged cover of Pearl Jam’s epic “Better Man” and a reveal about his often epic over-drinking. The “Rockstar” songman also said he and his fiancee were expecting their first child and that it was she who pulled him away from the alcohol abuse. Well, she and Justin Bieber anyway.


Post Malone Gets a Little Help From Justin Beiber

We got the news from Nika Shakhnazarova of the New York Post‘s Page Six. The next day though it was everywhere from Parade to Vanity Fair. Then again, why wouldn’t it be? Post Malone is one of the 2020s most popular songmen. He’s also a top notch talent. So when he hits one of his lowest points folks are going to want to hear about it. More importantly, they’re going to want to know that he bounced back. They’ll also want to know how. That’s only natural.

In Malone’s case though, it would’ve been better to ask the who. Even then you’d only get some of the story. But you’d definitely get enough to know what’s what. And that’s that it all came about with a whole lot of love from his fiancee, as well as a little help from a very famous good friend. The gal, wisely, has remained unnamed. The friend, we all now know, was Justin Beiber. Seems Malone’s soon-to-be wife stepped up when she saw her partner struggling. Justin served as a sort of guide throughout the way.

“It got to a really, really rough point,” said Malone. “And I couldn’t get up off the floor for weeks.”

Malone also told Stern he was drinking a bottle at a time.

“It was vodka,” he said. I “was bodying fifths and trying to hang in there and talking to people who weren’t fucking there and trying to say, ‘Help me out. Could you help me up?'”

It all sounds pretty bleak. Rather than check into rehab though, Malone threw himself into the hands of his fiancee. Or she threw her arms around him anyway, and didn’t let go until he sobered up.

“I never got [professional] help with it,” said Malone. “I just met a really beautiful person that made me feel like a human being again.”

“Oftentimes,” he continued, “whenever you’re looking for help or subconsciously even seeking help, an ultimatum is always heartbreaking. It’s just, ‘Oh fuck, what do I do?’ It’s the guidance out of the dark into the light…”

At the end of the day, Malone wants to be clear on this one point:

“She saved my fucking life. It’s pretty epic.”

Post Malone Makes Himself a Better Man

Hence Malone’s covering Pearl Jam’s epic “Better Man.” Nobody sings that song unless they’ve got good reason. Malone’s actually got a few good reasons. He stopped drinking like a mad man. He’s about to be married. He and his gal have just welcomed a daughter. And he’s got both a new album (Twelve Carat Toothache) and new business venture (PostyCo Kids). “Better Man” also happens to warmly remind Malone of his brother Jordan, a former Marine.

“We went to go see him [when he was stationed in Hawaii],” said Malone. “I was 12, 13, maybe. And he played this song [while] we were driving around. This was on an island you could drive around in a couple of hours. I guess I’ve just been thinking about that a lot lately.”

Makes perfect sense for Malone to be thinking about family considering he’s starting his own. It also makes sense for him to want to work his newborn daughter into his world – both personally and professionally. That’s the big idea behind the PostyCo Kids collection, which will be featuring anime-inspired versions of his own tattooed face on sweatshirts, T-shirts and even a onesie for newborns.

“I’m excited for this next chapter in my life,” Malone said back in May. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. And ever since I could remember, I was sad.”

A Sober Post?

Post Malone may not have completely quit drinking, but the “Rockstar” singing rockstar has certainly taken steps in the right direction. Ditching the excess is huge. Especially for someone who can very easily live a life of excess. Finding the love of one’s life is also huge. So is welcoming your own child into the world. Malone will be fully sober when he’s meant to be fully sober. Not a minute before. We here at Healing Properties prefer to recognize – and celebrate – the tremendous strides he’s made.

“I am responsible now,” said Malone. And we take the man at his word.

We also congratulate Malone on coming to terms with what was ailing him. “Not being happy with who you are” is tough for anyone. No matter who you are. Malone recognizing that fact, and realizing it was a large part of his struggle, will do much to help him stay clear of the binge. So will his newfound outlook.

“Now I just want to be better every fucking day,” he said. “All we can do is just not be a dickhead. That’s the golden rule.”

We agree wholeheartedly!

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