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Palm Beach County Sobriety

palm beach county sobriety

Palm Beach County Sobriety

Palm Beach County sobriety is not a contradiction in terms. In fact, it’s becoming more and more the norm. Why? Because Palm Beach County has one of the most stringent recovery community guidelines in the country. And any addiction treatment center or sober home that doesn’t adhere to those strict guidelines gets shut down. Period.

Palm Beach County Sober House

palm beach county sober house

Healing Properties not only adheres to Palm Beach County’s strict sober home guidelines, we exceed them. In fact, we helped set the stage for the creation of those guidelines to begin with. That’s right. Healing Properties has been setting sobriety precedence since our inception. And considering we’ve been in the recovery business since 2002, well, that makes for a whole lotta precedence-setting sobriety.

Just ask the graduates of our recovery program had to say about their stay. We did. And you can read all about it in our numerous Local Sober Home Reviews pages. You can read even more in the addiction treatment center reviews pages of our adjacent Recovery Boot Camp. See, many Healing Properties men are Recovery Boot Camp alumni. And they bring their newly-acquired recovery know-how to the table in the most effective ways possible.

Yep, fellowship plays a large part in Healing Properties‘ clients’ sobriety. Then again, when you’ve got a gathering of committed men with such a strong common bond, sobriety is bound to ensue.

Fellowship also plays a large part in Healing Properties sober home program, which includes:

  • Optional Plans: IOP, OP and Aftercare
  • Health & Wellness: on site gym
  • Beaches & Parks: and other outdoor activities
  • Recovery-Friendly Community: sober support network
  • 12 Step Dynamic: living by The Big Book

Healing Properties is itself a recovery-friendly workplace. That is, each and every staff member is also in recovery, and thus much better qualified to assist you on your path to sobriety.

Palm Beach County Sobriety

What does Palm Beach County sobriety look like? Well, in the first place, it looks like clear skies. There are the clear skies of South Florida, of course. More importantly, there are the clear skies that come from a sober life. Indeed, sobriety will lift whatever clouds that may have been following you around and open up wide and limitless vistas. Vistas you once though only possible in dreams will now become reachable.

Sobriety takes work, of course. To begin with, 12 Step work. Fortunately Palm Beach County has A.A. and N.A. and every other kind of A meetings going on each hour of every day. So you’ll never be far from another successful 12 Stepper.

Nor will you be far from the kind of strong sober support provided by A.A. Remember, A.A. has been helping addicts and alcoholics succeed in sobriety since the 1930s. And if nearly a century of successful sobriety isn’t enough to convince you of the effectiveness of A.A.’s 12 Step program, well, then perhaps nothing is.

Most of all, sobriety takes commitment. Full commitment. Otherwise there’s slim chance you’ll find successful recovery. THat’s why we carefully screen our clients. It’s also why we succeed in sobriety. How else do you think Healing Properties became synonymous with Palm Beach County sobriety?

Do you want what we’ve got? Are you truly willing to go to any length to get it? Then get in touch with us pronto. Find out how we can help you also experience the miracle of sobriety.

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