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Letter from a Recovered Addict

recovered addict

Letter from a Recovered Addict

Like a lot of men struggling with addiction, this man was sick and tired of rehab and relapse, rehab and relapse. He wanted real recovery. So he called Healing Properties. Then, once the newly recovered addict had gone home and resumed his life, he sent us the following anonymous letter.

Normally, we put such things under our Testimonials. But we’ve also got high respect anonymity. After all, we adhere to the practices and principles of A.A.’s 12 Step program. And so long as the Big Book continues to help us help men achieve long-term sobriety, we’ll keep right on adhering to those practices and principles.

So without further ado, here’s a rather inspiring Letter from a Recovered Addict. We hope you find it rather inspiring too.

Letter from a Recovered Addict

Dear Healing Properties,

My 12 Step Sponsor suggested I write you. This was after we had a long talk about gratitude. He’d asked me to make a list of all the things I was thankful for now that I was sober. And, you guessed it, Healing Properties came in at number one. That’s right. You guys made it before family and friends, my home and my job. You guys even came in before my sobriety. Sounds crazy, I know. But without Healing Properties’ help, it’s unlikely I’d even be in the lives of my family and friends, let alone have a nice home and a good job. And I most certainly wouldn’t be sober.

I won’t bore you with too much of what it was like before my sobriety. My story is about as ugly as every other addict’s story. I lied, I cheated, and I stole to support my addiction. I alienated everyone in my family, as well as every one of my friends. Before it was all over, I’d lost my home, I’d lost my job, and I’d lost my self-respect. I’d also lost the respect of everybody in my community. Considering I come from a fairly tolerant community, that’s saying something.

But I’d pushed things too far for too long, even for them. I’d sought treatment on numerous occasions. And I’d come home and brag about the new me, only to relapse every time. People were tired of hearing about it. And I don’t blame them. I mean, how many promises can you break before people stop believing in you?

When I came down to Healing Properties, I was at what they call wit’s end. This was my last chance to find sobriety. If HP didn’t work, I figured nothing would or could. That’s how hopeless I felt.

But it was just that hopelessness which you welcomed. In fact, you guys seemed almost glad that I was so hopeless. At first, I was mad. Then you guys told me that my hopelessness was the same thing as admitting I was powerless over drugs and alcohol, which was the first and most crucial Step in my recovery. Since I had nothing to lose, I went with it.

And, boy, am I glad that I did. Why? Because from there I got to seriously work those 12 Steps I’d heard so much about over the years. Oh, I’d been to a million A.A. meetings throughout my numerous rehabs and relapses. But I’d never once found a Sponsor, took to the Big Book, and really worked the Steps. I’d also never had the 12 Steps fully integrated into my addiction treatment program. You guys did that. Even more importantly, you put together a program that felt right for me personally. Sure, I was one of the many who suffered from the disease of addiction. But I was also an individual. You helped me rediscover who I am. You helped me be me again.

And, yes!, you also helped me to be more than the old me. Much more. Or, as HP’s Recovery Boot Camp Track says, you helped me be the man I was meant to be. My parents are ecstatic. My friends are thrilled. And my life couldn’t be better, even if I dreamed it. In short, I am happy again. Truly happy. And I’ll be forever grateful to Healing Properties for helping me achieve such unbelievable happiness.

Thanks HP!

A Gratefully Recovered Addict

Recovered Addict At Last!

Wow! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Then again, we wouldn’t have said it. First, because that’s not our thing. And second because we don’t need to. Letters like these say it all — and then some. They also make us grateful that we were able to help yet another man achieve sobriety, as well as to reap its many splendid benefits.

If you or your loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and wants to be recovered at last, please give us a call. Let us help you the way we’ve been helping men like our letter writer.

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