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Relapse Prevention

Basic Training

Are you just coming back from an unfortunate relapse? We get it. Is this your first time getting sober and you’re afraid it might not be the last? We get that too. Regardless of whether you’re just coming back from a relapse or fearful of future relapses, we’ve got news for you: Relapse is NOT a part of Recovery, it’s a part of the disease. At Healing Properties, our Relapse Prevention course is a unique and educational method by which facilitators and counselors employ 12-Step methodology to educate you on what is going on inside your brain in the moments before you pick up the first drink.

Our goal is for you to understand that the single most effective way to achieve relapse prevention is to arm yourself with the facts about how dangerous addiction is. Our Relapse Prevention facilitators will help you do this by showing you how to identify your problem, define your solution, and gather insight into actions that will help you realize long term recovery.

Helping You Every Step of the Way

Over the course of one Relapse Prevention cycle, our facilitators will guide you through each of the 12 Steps while also helping you implement evidence-based relapse prevention strategies. Working chronologically from the Big Book, as well as The Steps We Took*, you will be taught practical application of relapse prevention techniques as well as good old-fashioned experience, strength, and hope right from the source; Alcoholics Anonymous. We aren’t just giving you the basics either; our Relapse Prevention facilitators discuss each of the 12 Steps in detail, explaining how and why it is necessary to complete them. Clients are interactively taught how to accomplish each necessary task within a particular Step and are educated on what the result should be when the Step is completed.



An unofficial companion to the official text of Alcoholics Anonymous, this book is perfect for those who find the original text of the Big Book hard to understand due to the language and style of the 1930s. Joe McQ guides readers through the Big Book, extracting deeper meaning and employing a modern set of lenses through which to see the steps and how to "work" them. It serves as a study guide for working a strong 12 Step Program, and a valuable tool for any alcoholic or addict to have in their recovery toolbox.

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