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Sober Living News Fall

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Sober Living News Fall

Hello Healing Properties Family! 

Well, we made it through another summer! As the night air becomes cooler and we pack away our summer clothes (which are almost the same as our winter clothes…ahhhh the wonders of living in Florida!) we are very excited about the next few months at Healing Properties. Autumn ushers in a sense of freshness and new beginnings, a bright new start; it is no different for us. With every new season we get more and more excited to see whose paths will begin at our pink houses. Who will come across our thresholds ready to start a new life, and leave with once faraway dreams, fulfilled?

The new male three-quarter way house I mentioned in June is up and running and packed with men living the promises of sobriety. We are so proud of our residents-especially those who choose to stay past their ninety-day commitment and truly dedicate their first year of sobriety to the redefinition and resurrection of life. It is a blessing to be a part of all of their lives.

The Big Book study Saul and I do every Wednesday night is in full swing after a summer hiatus. We are delving into “Into Action,” and as we move forward, the crowds grow! It is so amazing to see upward of forty men and women, from all over Delray Beach, gathered in one place for the message of recovery and hope. Again, we are honored and humbled by the opportunity to provide the venue for such a wonderful display of unity and learning.

So, as I mentioned, this fall will bring a new addition to Healing Properties, about which I am particularly excited! As a recovering woman, the integrity of female sober living environments is of the utmost importance to me. Tim has (finally!) purchased a three-quarter way house for women transitioning from the Healing Properties compound to a less structured sober living home. Indeed, he and Nicole will soon commence the very same process of Home Depot, furniture shopping, painting, and landscaping that each of our houses went through in order to become what they are today! This is such a critical development as it has been way too long coming and we are so thrilled to finally have a three-quarter way house for women that shines with the consistent message of recovery and hope so many people have found and will continue to find at Healing Properties.

As September rolls by and we look into the next months, we are energized by new admissions and new opportunities to see pain transformed by courage into strength.

May this fall bring you all the new beginnings you desire.

God Bless!

Michael Wright
Michael Wright, on in Sober Living News

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