Hello Healing Properties Family!

The month of June has been an exciting month at Healing Properties. I am delighted and honored to update the Healing Properties community about the most recent developments in our world.

First of all, I have stepped down as Property Manager in order to finish my BA at FAU. It has been a privilege and a blessing to work with every woman, treatment center, and family member that has crossed my path. I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about the miracles of transformation I have seen happen within the walls of our pink houses. I have seen women recover, families reunited, integrity earned, and grace experienced and celebrated. What an amazing gift this job has been for me; a gift, I assure you, which I will cherish always. Thank you all for making this past year and half so incredible.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Nicole, my friend and successor. I have had the distinct honor of watching Nicole develop into a sober, responsible, honorable woman. As a Healing Properties Alumna (like myself) Nicole is uniquely suited to carry on the “torch” with a steadfast commitment to execute the philosophy under which we have all grown so much. On a personal note, I am blessed enough to have had the opportunity to take Nicole through the twelve steps. I have watched her as she has earnestly integrated the principles of our twelve-step program into every arena of her life with enthusiasm, passion, discipline and vigilance. The truth is I would not have stepped down as female property manager until I was one hundred percent confident that the next woman would continue the legacy of excellence at HPI that I inherited when accepting the job. Thankfully, Nicole emerged as an amazingly qualified candidate. Her passion (sometimes even zeal!) for working with others renders her an outstanding member of the sober community in Delray Beach and a fabulous role model for the Healing Properties women to come. I am so excited to observe the improvements Nicole will undoubtedly bring to the Healing Properties community.

As for the men, this past month, Tim (Owner and Founder of Healing Properties) has purchased, re-vamped, an opened a brand-new Senior House (our version of a ¾ way house) for men. In a flourish of furniture shopping, construction and Home Depot, Saul and Tim have seamlessly assembled a new property into which the men have already settled.

We are so excited to have seven more beds opening at Healing Properties. The house is beautiful and perfectly equipped to facilitate the establishment of solid, long-term sobriety. Our Senior Houses allow for those who have completed their 90-day stay at the halfway house compound to expand upon their foundation of sobriety within a sober sanctuary with fewer rules. The opening of this new property is exciting on all levels; we love that we have made more room for our “graduates” to continue to flourish under a Healing Properties roof. In addition, we are thrilled to have made seven more beds available to newcomers in our primary compound.

That is all of the news for now. Thank you all again for continuing to support our vision. Healing Properties would be nothing if it were not for the unrelenting work of the staff and, most importantly, the dedication to sobriety exhibited by our residents.

Stay tuned for future updates as I will be updating our newsletter regularly.

We wish you all the best.

God Bless.