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South Florida Sober Living

south florida sober living

South Florida Sober Living

The Pluses of South Florida Sober Living

There are many advantages to South Florida sober living. So we’re here to provide a few of the best of ’em:

  • Strong Sober Support

South Florida sober living comes with strong sober support. That is, it’s home to a thriving and active recovery community. No one gets clean and stays clean by themselves. Being surrounded by people who are winning their battle against addiction will help you become victorious too.

  • Recovery-Friendly Workplaces

South Florida is home to a wide variety of recovery-friendly workplaces, so it’s much easier to transition to sobriety. Employers are more understanding here. They’re also more willing to give people a chance to prove themselves, regardless of their past. And remember, gainful employment is a key factor in recovery.

  • Strict Sober Home Guidelines

South Florida’s sober living facility operators are held to high standards. In fact, outfits such as Palm Beach County’s Sober Homes Task Force or the Florida Association of Recovery Residences ensure those high standards. Fly-by-nights get shot down. And earnest and serious sober houses get to do what they are designed to do. That is, be successful in sobriety.

  • Healthy Sober Living

Wide open beaches? Check. A multitude of watersports? Check. Well-kept fields and courts? Double check. A wide variety of indoor amusements? Check and check again. South Florida is full of fun and sun and sobriety. It’s also home to many world-class recreation facilities. And staying healthy is best when it involves getting physical.

South Florida Sober Living Facility

Healing Properties has become the go-to South Florida sober living facility for men who are serious about sobriety. How do we know? Because we’ve been helping men get and stay sober since 2002. HP is built upon fellowship, so you’ll always have strong sober support. And we’re near many recovery-friendly workplaces. In fact, we are a recovery-friendly workplace! We’ve been recognized and accredited by all the right and proper Delray Beach, Palm Beach County and State of Florida officials, including the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR). And our adjacent Recovery Boot Camp is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP). In other words, we not only adhere to the sober home guidelines, but we exceed them as well.

Has substance abuse become a problem? Has your life become unmanageable because of your addiction? Does fun and sun and sobriety sound like a good thing to you? Then it’s time for a serious South Florida sober living facility.

Healing Properties can help. Want proof? Just check our reviews and testimonials pages. There you’ll find first-person accounts from men just like you. That is to say, men who’ve come in with addictions and gone on to lead full and sober lives. Indeed, we succeed in sobriety. That’s not just a motto; it’s our mission. And also our destiny.

Why not make successful sobriety your destiny too?

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