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Call Your Sponsor!

Everybody in the program knows somebody like Scotty B. Well, everybody who’s the least bit lucky does anyway. The really lucky know him as their sponsor. But sponsor or not, Scotty B’s the kinda guy you really wanna know in sobriety. Why? Because he’s been there, done that and ain’t never going back. He’s also ready, willing and eager to show you the way forward.

And after 35 years in the program, Scotty B’s sure got a lot to show people. He doesn’t show off though. Far from it. In fact, the only way to tell Scotty B’s got all that sober time is by the size of his smile.

And his willingness to help a fellow alcoholic. As you might suspect, Scotty B’s had a few sponsees over the years. Right now he’s got three. He’s also got a sponsor who’s got a sponsor. And even a couple sponsees with their own sponsees.

In other words, Scotty B’s got himself a strong sober support network. He also works a strong program. And considering our current Stay-at-Home directive has made it somewhat difficult to maintain either, let alone both, we at Healing Properties thought it wise to reach out to Scotty B for a few tips.

So if you’re looking for ways to stay way sober, read on. And when you’re done, call your sponsor!

Healing Properties: What did your sober day-to-day look like before the stay-at-home?

Scotty B: I always have meditation in the morning. If I don’t it throws my day off. I wake up, make coffee, then have some quiet time. Watch the hummingbirds. Then my wife Tracy and I read the from the 24 Hour-a-Day Book with the cats. We call it Purr and Meditation. A lot of times I would meet my sponsees and friends at coffee shops. But usually I‘ll get a phone call and that directs the way my day is going to go. I’d try to hit a meeting every other day and have a commitment at at least two. I also go on a bike rides. And I was playing a lot of softball and basketball right before the coronavirus hit. No matter what, I always use the phone and call as many people as possible to keep in touch and grow spiritually

And since the stay-at-home was put into place?

Basically I do all the same stuff except for playing baseball and basketball. Thing is I’m going to more meetings now than ever because all of my old groups in LA, Chicago and Miami are online. Basically I can make every meeting I want, so it’s been really great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

How have you found the transition from in-person to online meetings?

I’m actually enjoying the transition. I hope to keep it up after we’re allowed to go back to meeting in person. It’s just very easy not to have to get up and drive.

You haven’t had any problems being Zoom-bombed?

Not really. I started a few private Zoom meetings that are password protected. They’ve been really helpful. I invite a few friends, then they invite their friends and we’ve got a meeting. Since the meeting stays pretty small everybody has a chance to share within an hour.

What about sponsees, are you in more or less contact since the stay-at-home?

I’m more in contact with them because everybody seems to be using the phone and going to more meetings.

Do there seem to be any overriding issues among the men?

No, not really. It’s just sometimes when the meetings are really big people talk too long.

What advice do you give?

Get a timer! (laughs)

Have you been able to continue working the steps with any of your sponsees?

Basically I’m not a Big Book thumper. But I will occasionally tell them to work certain steps. When I do feel they need to work a Step I will tell them to read it from the 12 and 12 or the Big Book. Most of the time I’m telling my sponsees to do a 10th Step

Do you continue to work the Steps yourself?

Of course! It’s a daily reprieve. I always have to go back to basics, especially if I’m in pain. Pain is the spiritual touchstone of growth.

Finally, what’s one general piece of advice you’d give to everyone who’s working to stay sober through this crazy time we’re in?

May you find God now! He could and would if he were sought. Get out of the driver’s seat and enjoy the journey. Start reading more 12-step and self-help books. Pick up the phone and go to Zoom meetings! Watch Ozark and be glad you’re not in that world anymore. Trust God, clean house and help others. C’mon!

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