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THE South Florida Halfway House

THE South Florida Halfway House

The South Florida Halfway House

Here’s what makes the difference between a South Florida halfway house and the South Florida halfway house:


South Florida has long been known as the recovery capital of America, so you’ll definitely want to choose a halfway house that helped give the region its name. Forget the fly-by-nights and Johnny-Come-Latelies. Instead, select a sober living facility that put the same time. patience and diligence into establishing itself as they will in helping you to achieve sobriety. If a sober home has been around for awhile, it’ll have a much better chance of making sure you’re around for awhile too.


Fellowship can make or break a halfway house. Consequently, it’s best to choose a sober home that emphasizes camaraderie. Nothing aids sobriety like sober support. And a sober living facility structured on the fellowship of sober men can and does work wonders. Check a sober home’s reviews. Are they testimonials to sober fellowship? If so, it’s likely to be the South Florida halfway house for you.

Staff in Recovery

A strong sober fellowship extends to a strong sober staff. And you’ll want to select a sober house that’s staffed by alumni or those otherwise in recovery. The very best halfway houses have staff that stick around after they’ve transitioned back into the so-called real world. Not just because they’re better equipped to help others achieve sobriety, but because they want to too. And that first-hand recovery experience is invaluable.

Success Rate

A sober home’s success rate is another crucial component in recovery. And here again you’ll want to check a sober living facility’s reviews. Are there testimonials to successful sobriety? Are they from men of every region in the country and all walks of life? If so, how many and to what degree? Choose a sober home that knows how to succeed in sobriety.


Reputation must be earned. So it takes all of the above combined to make for a reputable sober living facility. Reputation is also what turns a halfway house into the halfway house. That’s why you’ll want to select a sober home whose length of service, strength of commitment and proven success rate add up to a solid reputation. Accreditation helps too. Because only the reputable get accredited.

Healing Properties is The South Florida Halfway House

Healing Properties is the South Florida halfway house for men who are serious about sobriety. We’ve been in the recovery business since 2002, and over the many years we’ve helped more than 5000 men get and stay sober. Yes, we’re built on a strong sober fellowship. And yes, our staff are all themselves in recovery. Those are two of the reasons how and why we succeed in sobriety.

If you’re serious about getting and staying sober. If you want to live the life of your wildest dreams. And if you’re looking to experience the miracle of long-term sobriety. Then Healing Properties is just the place for you.

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