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The Thursday Principle: Hope

The Thursday Principle: Hope

Principle Two: Hope

Hope may be about the most important of all principles or ideals known to man. In order to understand how important hope is, we need to begin by examining our outlook on life if we knew no hope. Our entire existence would be bleak with no excitement. Try seeing some basic, normal parts of human life if there were no hope. Imagine, if you will, attending a movie knowing that it would be bad, every time, every movie. What if you went to ask someone on a date, but you knew the answer was no every time, before you asked. What about a job interview, going to a game, reading a book. You get the point. Hope is what makes all things with even minimal risk fun and exciting. You could say without hope, there would be not much point to life.

Hope is the spiritual principle behind A.A.’s Step Two: “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Without hope we wouldn’t be able to believe in something greater than ourselves, let alone that we’d ever again regain sanity.

As addicts and problem drinkers we’d abandoned hope, consequently creating a living hell of often Biblical proportions. And yes, we’d gone a bit insane in our addiction. We’d forsaken all that we held near and dear, everything we ever believed in, all for the sake of some substance. If that’s not insanity, then what is?

Hope gives us a future to look forward to. It lets us know that we can change. Hope assures us that all is not lost. Broken; hope shows us we can mend. Hope may not be a course of action, but it enables us to take the actions necessary to get back our lives.

Renewed Hope

Healing Properties was founded upon hope, and it is what enables us to succeed. Hope also informs our affiliated Recovery Boot Camp, which is rooted in the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, and the 12 Principles. And yes, it’s the same spiritual principle which is behind everything that’s done via the Schnellenberger Family Foundation.

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