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Young M.A. Makes Moves to Get Off the Yak

off the yak

Young M.A. Makes Moves to Get Off the Yak

Everything Young M.A. does is worthy of respect. Mad respect. From bankrolling her come-up with day jobs to teaming with Mom to help East New York KWEENZ, the wicked slick street slider is always straight-on straight up. Now that she’s putting a lid on the Yak, Young M.A. might just also become straight edge.

That’s what it looks like anyway. See, last week the Brooklyn-bred rapstar IG’d a quick message. “Bouta lose this addiction… omw to rehab,” it said. No, Young M.A. didn’t specify the addiction. And the post has since been deleted. But considering her most recent longplay banger is entitled Off the Yak it’s not hard to speculate. Besides the outspoken wordslinger has long spoken out against anything harder than drink or weed. In fact, to make sure her position was Absolut clear, Young M.A. even blasted the practice on IG Live.

“I need my supporters to understand that I don’t rock with that [other stuff], bro. That poppin’ perc, poppin’ mollies, poppin’ xans and s*** like that? That s*** ain’t cute, bro. I don’t do that!”

That’s what Miata Shanay reported in The Jasmine Brand. That’s also what Tanay Hudson picked up for Yahoo!Life. And we see no reason not to take both reporters at their very good word.

On the Yak

Young M.A. fans well know their favorite hard-charging slayer has a yen for yak. Hell, even the Off the Yak LP has three tracks titled to honor the spirit. The issue is what her “Yak Thoughts” say when she’s “Henny’d Up.” Do they tell her to get “Off the Yak” completely? And if so, is that’s what she’s about right now?

We hope so. Not because we’ve got anything against anyone sippin’ Henny. We hope so because we don’t wanna see anyone bogged down on account of sippin’ Henny. And some of Young M.A.’s lyrics seem to find her seriously bogged down. In fact, she even hit a bit of a bog back in her smash “OOOUUU.”

Yo bro, I think I had too much Hennessy man
This Hennessy getting to me
I ain’t gonna lie, I’m a little smizz
I’m a little drizz

This Henny got me, it got me sauced
This Henny got me oh, it got me sauced

Sure, those lyrics can be read simply as getting sloshed. But they also have all the tell-tale signs of a real problem. After all, “This Hennessy getting to me” hardly sounds like the words of someone who’s enjoying themselves.

Five years later it appears the young gunner seems determined not to have Henny slow down her draw. At all. It hasn’t yet. Not that we can see anyway. But Young M.A. knows herself. So she obviously knows when it’s time to show something the door.

We’re not at all surprised by the move though. The young mc’s entire career has consisted of bold moves; this is simply the latest in a long line. It also happens to be the kinda bold move that will permit her to make even more bold moves in the future. You can bet those moves will be even bolder at that!


Like we said, Young M.A.’s worthy of nothing but respect. Hers and ours. Ours because she really did bankroll her come-up by dayjobbing at Shake Shack and TJ Maxx. And because her KWEENS Foundation really was set up so she and Mom could bond together and help the Young Kings and Queens of East New York. Ours because she really has smashed the barriers between gender and identity, and obliterated labels in the process. And ours because stepping up and stepping in to rehab takes real courage, especially for someone in the public eye. Especially ours because such a play also helps pave the way for others who might just be waiting for someone to say getting help for yourself is a-okay.

Her respect for others is self-evident, especially her respect for New York and New Yorkers. From the subway token logo of her merch (which you can get your mitts on right here) to the subway stop announcements curated by New York Nico (in which Young M.A. joins everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Jadakiss) to the KWEENS Foundation itself (charity really is a two way street), her hometown respect is as solid as solid gets. But there’s perhaps nothing more solid than Young M.A.’s getting with up-and-coming fellow Brooklynite Fivio Foreign.

Young M.A. first accepted Fivio’s request to join him on “Move Like a Boss” and the results beat as mad and as bad and as dangerous as the badass streets upon which both were raised. Having Fivio come in and guest on Yak‘s “Hello Baby” was only natural.

“Yeah. Shoutout to Fivio,” Young told Rolling Stone‘s Jayson Buford. “That’s the homie right there… It was only right for me to put him on [Yak]… He’s got that dope vibe… people respect it. Homie from the towns… that’s just how that works. Just genuine vibes, genuine music.”

That’s from a genuine talent who deserves genuine respect. Got doubts? Do yourself a favor and read Buford’s entire interview. While you’re at it, hit YouTube and put Young M.A. on blast. Any doubts about respect will vanish with a snap.

Speaking of snap… what Young M.A. told Buford about how to be in this crazy world is pure unmitigated “That’s it!”

“Just be yourself,” says Young M.A., “ain’t nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel like you got to fit in with everything. That’s how I am. I don’t feel like I need to fit in with anybody, so that’s what keeps me out of trouble.”

Hopefully that’s also what will keep this well-respected rapstar off the yak!

How ’bout you? Having trouble with yak? Something else perhaps? Looking to take a page from Young M.A.? It’s a good look, you know? A damn good look. In fact, it could be the best look you’ve ever put on. So pick up the phone. Please. Get the help you deserve. Healing Properties. NIDA. SAMHSA. Each is ready, willing and eager to assist.

(Image Courtesy Young M.A. YouTube Page)

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