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Arielle Lorre Caught in a Dog Cage

Arielle Lorre

Arielle Lorre Caught in a Dog Cage

Arielle Lorre, the influencer ex-wife of The Big Theory creator Chuck Lorre, 71, has shared an unbelievable photo of herself. That’s right, she appears to be passed out in a dog cage wearing nothing but a pink polka-dot bikini.

The pic was ostensibly shared to mark 10 years of sobriety. Seems Lorre suffered from a serious drug and alcohol addiction from the age of 17 through to 28. That’s when she got sober.

Sharing the shocking throwback photo of herself on Instagram, Arielle wrote, “So grateful for 10 years. Happy, joyous and free.”

The influencer, who hosts The Blonde Files podcast, also posted a glamorous photo of herself in a bikini on the beach to show how far she’d come from her days in the cage.

She also posted her medical records from 2014, when she was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

The records showed that she’d been diagnosed with alcohol intoxication, amphetamine abuse, and depression.

A drug test also revealed that Arielle had a blood ethanol level of 0.323, as well as positive results for benzodiazepines and amphetamines.

Another visit to the hospital three days later showed that Arielle had suffered from a seizure caused by alcohol withdrawal.

“I was crazy, blacking out all the time, doing cocaine, taking Adderall and Xanax, drinking morning to night,” she revealed during an appearance on the Tandia Talks Money podcast in 2021.

“I was in a months-long blackout. Not eating, I didn’t leave my house. I would stay in bed and order alcohol [to be delivered].”

‘My neighbor was a drug dealer so he was shooting me with God knows what. I was having seizures, I’d come to and then have a seizure again.”

Eventually, she said her parents had the presence of mind to get the police to do a ‘wellness check’ on her after she stopped answering her phone. The effort ultimately saved her life.

Lorre is now fiercely honest about what she went through in the hopes that it will help others who may be struggling. Lorre likely isn’t struggling though, at least financially. Word is Forbes estimated her ex Chuck Lorre had made $100 million from his work in TV in 2022. Then again, creating blockbuster shows like The Big Bang Theory, Two-and-a-Half Men and Young Sheldon, will bring in the proverbial bacon.

Congrats Arielle Lorre

Healing Properties congratulates Arielle Lorre on a full decade of sobriety, as well as the success of The Blonde Files. Succeeding in either realm isn’t easy; that she’s done so with such effortlessness means a lot. We hope her dog cage days are safely behind her.

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