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Bam Margera Gets His 100 Day Sobriety Chip

Bam looking fit & sober!

Bam Margera Gets His 100 Day Sobriety Chip

That’s not a chip for Bam Margera’s shoulder – quite the contrary! It’s a chip that goes straight into a prominent pocket. Why? Because it’s his 100 Day Sobriety Chip, that’s why. And that chip doesn’t come easy to anyone.

Indeed, Bam might be its most elusive foe. No, it’s not that the 100 Day Sobriety Chip is an enemy, but that’s what it feels like when you note the way Bam’s been sidestepping it over the years. Seems like up until now he’s had an excuse to elude the chip at every opportunity.

Well, no more. And you can blame skateboarding, the gym and his girlfriend Dannii. In fact. those are the “three key factors” Bam told TMZ he owes for the 100 day chip. But after thanking the trio for helping him cross this mega milestone in his sobriety, Bam had another surprise on his Thank You list – Mark Wahlberg.

That’s right. Bam’s been working out at Black Rifle Coffee Club owner Jarred Taylor‘s gym. There’s no secret that Taylor and Wahlberg date back to 2013’s Lone Survivor (just check the gym’s interior!), but we didn’t know Wahlberg and Bam also had some past. In fact, Wahlberg not only gave Bam props on his 100 day sobriety chip but he invited the former Jackass star to visit once he’s in Vegas. Since Bam just got re-visitation rights to see his son Phoenix, that might be sooner rather than later.

Good Luck. Bam – and Congrats!

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Photo courtesy TMZ Galleries – Thank you!

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