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Can GoPatch Really Chill High Anxiety?


Can GoPatch Really Chill High Anxiety?

This is gonna suspiciously sound like pay-to-play coverage, but that’s okay. Because if GoPatch really does even a fraction of what’s claimed, it’s worth the risk. After all, this could mean taking drugs out of a large part of America’s day-to-day equation.



Nicole Burdock is the founder of GoPatch. According to the site, Burdock has spent her entire career in the healing arts. She holds a B.S. in Biobehavioral Health from Penn State and an M.S. in Asian Medicine from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She’s also studied at The National College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed advanced studies in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Burdock practiced natural medicine in wellness clinics across the United States and in Brazil, Italy and Slovenia before opening her own integrative health and wellness clinic, The Center of Joy, in Oakland, California in 2012.

While running her private practice, she gained deeper insight into the natural compounds that calm the body and alleviate pain.

The GoPatch Story

The “How GoPatch Came to Be” page makes it seem as simple as the GoPatch itself.

Some people are lucky enough to find their life’s purpose relatively early. GoPatch founder Nicole Burdock found her purpose after being hit with one of life’s biggest curve balls: The loss of a parent.

Nicole was in med school when her mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. For as long as Nicole can remember her mom rarely, if ever, complained despite struggling with multiple autoimmune disorders. The only time Nicole can remember her mom talking about not feeling well was when she described her motion sickness. The nausea gripped her.

When the chemotherapy started, it created intolerable nausea for Nicole’s mom. The pills to ease it cost $900 per day. While Nicole was thankful for the relief the pills provided her mom during her final months, she was outraged by the cost, knowing the expense would be beyond most people’s means.

Eventually, Nicole returned to her studies, but with a newfound passion to find another way to heal people. In her studies she learned both ancient and modern ways to soothe and treat the body through the body’s innate healing mechanisms and all that nature provides – through plants, animals, and minerals – to help us heal.

After school, Nicole joined a wellness clinic. Working as a health practitioner brought Nicole great joy. She believed she was doing exactly what she was meant to do. That was until she boarded a boat.

Like her mom, she was prone to motion sickness so she wore bracelets to ward it off, but the waters were choppy and others were getting sick. Nicole noticed a family whose children were terribly sick. Their mother explained the kids had struggled on boats, in cars, on school buses, so much so she wouldn’t dress them in their good clothes until they arrived at their destination because she feared them getting sick enroute. Nicole watched as the kids instinctively put their hands over their bellies, trying to calm their nausea. She wondered if the children innately knew what she had learned in her studies – that the navel is one of the primary healing acupuncture points in our body.

For Nicole, the children’s illness triggered memories of her mom. She knew she could help these kids and others suffering from conditions that limit their ability to enjoy life. Later, in her kitchen with a roll of duct tape and 10 years of schooling in medicine and complementary health practices, she created a prototype for the first-ever homeopathic patch for motion sickness.

Less than a decade later, after using the patches on herself and giving them to her friends who shared her motion sickness difficulties, she received U.S. Patents for her motion sickness and pain relief formulations.

Since then, GoPatch has splintered into GoPatch Motion Sickness +Dizziness, GoPatch Anxious, GoPatch Menstrual Cramps, GoPatch Tummy and GoPatch Hangover. There’s even a GoPatch Pet for your furry friends.


We came upon GoPatch via the Good News Network, who always seem to have an encouraging thing or three to say about the day. In this case, it was a thing or three about living.

GNN first got with Gina Raulston, an ex-police officer living in Tennessee, who now works in the prison system.

“Anxiety has always been a battle,” said Raulston. “Out of nowhere it tears at the very fabric of my life. I exercise regularly, eat as healthy as I can, but I seem to always find myself with anxiety.”

“I am also an officer’s wife, a mother, and I have a demanding career,” she added. “Some days I feel like I shouldn’t feel the anxiety. I feel weak for admitting the anxiety is real.”

“I’ve taken Wellbutrin for years and still had panic attacks often. This patch has changed my life. I place it over my belly button and within a couple of minutes the anxiety is gone. There are no side effects. No pills to take. No harsh chemicals. Just a patch.”

From the guilt and shame over even admitting the existence of anxiety to the debilitating effects of the condition itself, Raulston’s story rings too true for too many.

That’s why an antidote is so important.

NIH Says…

The NIH GoPatch page has a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This homeopathic product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety or efficacy. FDA is not aware of scientific evidence to support homeopathy as effective.

Nevertheless just the fact that the NIH has a GoPatch page speaks volumes. Anxiety is a major concern in this country. And with more and more Americans attempting to medicate their way away from the condition, it’s only getting worse. If GoPatch can put even a small dent in the problem, then why not?


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