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Cannabis Addiction Finally Faces a Real Fight

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction Finally Faces a Real Fight

A fight requires two things: a good guy and a bad guy. That’s it. Everything else is just extra. Everything. Including the definitions of “good guy” and “bad guy”. In this case though, we do have a clear cut foe — cannabis addiction. So our parameters have basically been set. Heck, if a few less people had trouble wrapping their heads around our opponent’s existence, we might have even bagged the fight itself.

Unfortunately, some people still seem to believe that cannabis addiction doesn’t really exist. If something doesn’t exist, of course, it can’t be eradicated, which would eliminate our cannabis eradication campaign before it ever began. Frankly, it would even eliminate the need for such an effort.

But we no longer live in the Twilight Zone; we’re not solely getting our cues from grumpy Old School 12 Steppers either. That means we not only believe in Cannabis Addiction, but we also believe it’s become a problem. A big problem. And with worldwide legalization currently underway, that problem is being shotgunned.

Cannabis Addiction: Saving the Day

Thank Zeus Dr. Pier Vincenzo Piazza and his team at Aelis Farma aren’t afraid to step up and smack down Cannabis Addiction. Because their bringing the fight has put the fight on display. And we won’t be able to beat this foe until we know what we’re up against.

Treating Cannabis Addiction

Team Piazza / Aelis Farma must wholeheartedly agree, otherwise they wouldn’t have come up with their very own cannabis addiction fighting agent. The pill is known (for now anyway) as AEF0117. But its properties will most certainly give it center space in the public eye. Why? Because Piazza’s magic pill both curbs cannabis cravings and tempers the high that goes along with its smoking. Better still, AEF0117 effects this double-plus goodness while bypassing the utter ugliness of withdrawal.


That’s great news for the 14.2 million Americans who are currently battling cannabis addiction, as well as the addiction treatment centers who are itching to arm their clients with some effective weapons. After all, folks have been waiting a long time for the FDA to approve a medication suitable for addressing Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD). Meantime, state and local cannabis advocates have been moving right along.

Indeed, the National Conference of State Legislatures says that 23 states, two territories and the District of Columbia have already enacted measures which have green-lighted spine sort of adult non-medical marijuana use. Granted many folks may still have to jump through a hoop or two in order to access their cannabis, yet those hoops are getting fewer by the moment. Besides, they seem designed more to monitor the legality of the seller rather than the safety of the user. Consequently, it’s mostly just a matter of showing an unexpired ID.

Whatever the case, these new laws have put a whole lot of Americans within very close proximity to something that really shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Right to Imbibe

Dr. Piazza doesn’t have issues with cannabis consumption. His issues are with cannabis over-consumption. And since people are, well, people, they’re bound to overconsume.

“Smoking cannabis once in a while is not a problem, like drinking one glass of wine with your friends is not a problem,” Piazza says. “But some of these people with cannabis use disorder smoke between five to 10 joints a day. In that case, you have several problems that appear.”

Those problems largely concern motivation and socialization, as well as significant cognitive impairment — especially in adolescents, echoes Scientific American reporter Lauren J. Young. In fact, CDC data indicates 18-and-unders have a higher risk of developing cannabis use disorder to begin with. And as you probably suspect, even having early indicators is not a good thing.

“Once cannabis use disorder is developed, it is very difficult to treat,” Piazza adds.

Cannabis Addiction: Twice the Doctor

While Dr. Piazza might not be able to return the cannabis aficionado to their pre-addiction self, it’s just about the only thing he doesn’t seem capable of achieving. Then again, Dr. Piazza is a double doctor; that is, he holds both a PhD and a med school degree. More importantly perhaps, the physician and neurobiologist also specializes in addictology and psychiatric diseases. That’s what’s given him such keen insight on CUD.

It’s also what’s enable Dr. Piazza to confirm the world’s worries all the while allaying its fears. As mentioned, many folks continue to short-shrift even the idea of cannabis addiction. And even those that begrudgingly admit to such risk often face a shrug from their own supporters.

Then in swoops Dr. Piazza, with a grace as acute as it is prophetic. That grace — and that position — cannot be understated, especially considering cannabis addiction still largely exists in the realm of Because, Because, Because. Heck, if Dr. Piazza and his like-minded ops hadn’t decided to pull back the curtain and show folks that the disorder does indeed exist, the Wizard might still be getting away with Dorothy.

But Dr. Piazza has stopped Oz from slowly creeping over our world. And we’re damn blessed as a result. Does that mean the good doctor will one day be remembered as the Pied Piper who doubled as Jonas Salk? Hard to say. His achievement will certainly put him in the realm of say Narcan inventor Roger Crain, who’s still around to experience the benefits of his invention. Granted, nobody’s overdosing on cannabis. But that doesn’t mean cannabis hasn’t wrecked people’s lives. Dr. Piazza’s accomplishment should be recognized accordingly.

If you or something you love is experiencing addiction issues, please give Healing Properties a ring. Just because the cannabis pill isn’t on market doesn’t mean your addiction can’t be addressed. It also doesn’t mean you should wait for the fight. Best to step up while you’ve still got fists to throw. Really.

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