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Choose Healing Properties as Your Treatment Center in South Florida

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Choose Healing Properties as Your Treatment Center in South Florida

In service since 2002, Healing Properties and Sober Living have created secure halfway houses for those who are in the process of recovering. When it comes to drug and alcohol addition, there’s no doubt that it’s a difficult course. However, having caring individuals who wish to see you succeed helps make the journey less lonely.

There are many reasons why our team at Healing Properties would love to have you. Here are a few:

Though Florida is a long state, Healing Properties and Sober Living are centrally located in Delray Beach. This puts our patients close to working environments, the natural soothing peace of salt-water beaches, and main shops and attractions. We know that each person finds comfort differently, so our centrally located location is great for every patient’s style.

At Healing Properties, it’s our number one priority to make sure that our patients are safe at all times. This is why we only accept residents who are serious about their sober path forward. One person in the group, who may not be as motivated, may end up being detrimental to all. This is why we are incredibly selective, and require random drug and alcohol testing to keep residents accountable.

As mentioned, we’ve been in service since 2002, which means that we have over 15 years of experience. Our specialized team works with each resident personally to be sure that they feel safe, secure, and comfortable. We also require the participation of a 12-step program. With certified courses and reliable professionals, you or your loved ones are in compassionate and caring hands.

Residents interact with others who have similar stories, and with experts who can offer extensive training and knowledge. This type of interaction gives residents the chance to make lifelong friends, especially because of the similar circumstances. Through community, group therapies, and more, our patients are able to relate, listen, gain perspective, and self-reflect.

At Healing Properties in Delray Beach, know that this journey is different for everybody. We also know that there are many options when it comes to treatment centers and halfway houses. We pride ourselves in being the best halfway house, full of friendly people and an encouraging environment. If you’re searching for a treatment center in South Florida, please come and see us. Drugs and alcohol are tough to beat, but with the right people, location, and certified treatment options, a sober life is right around the corner.

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