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Cocaine Queens are Revolutionizing the Drug Trade

Cocaine Queens

Cocaine Queens are Revolutionizing the Drug Trade

The ERA may have taken a few decades to make its way to the drug trade, but it’s getting there. And all the narco traffickers best beware too. Because this new group of killers is just as crazy and just as desperate as their male counterparts. Maybe even more so. Watch as Marina van Zeller covers the rise of the cocaine queens.

Okay, the number of heavyweight female drug dealers may still be small. In fact, aside from Griselda Blanco – immortalized in Rakontur’s Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin’ with the Godmother – it’s not even a category. But things are changing. Yes, even in a cutthroat, old world place like Latin America. How do we know? Because Nat Geo’s Mariana van Zeller told us so. The fearless correspondent and her crew showed us so too – no easy feat considering they had to first brave Rio’s favelas and then trek through Colombia’s drug jungles to do so.

Cocaine Queens

We’re tempted to give away some of the killer story, but with a storyteller like Van Zeller it’s best to just let them riff. Especially when the tales are backed by Nat Geo and include diving headfirst into some of the world’s most dangerous places. Isn’t that why we turn to Van Zeller to begin with?

Of course it is. And this occasion is no different. From tracking down a soldier named Hello Kitty among Rio’s 1.5 million-strong Favela population to sidling up with a female Sicario boss for Los Caparros in Colombia’s beyond deadly Bajo Cauca region, Van Zeller goes where damn few have ever gone before. And even fewer even will. Does the hard-charging correspondent get too close for anyone’s comfort? You bet. Far too close. For hers, her team’s and ours.

But boy, does it make for compelling viewing. If you ever wondered where cocaine flowed when it didn’t flow north and how it was grown when it wasn’t grown in a lab, you’ll dig this journey. And if you’ve ever wondered where the next generation of cocaine queens will be rising from, well, this will be your lesson. Because that rise will undoubtedly come from one of these two scalding hotspots. And you can say you learned all about it from Mariana Van Zeller way back when.

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Photo and clip courtesy the good folks at Nat Geo: Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller.

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