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Creating the Wonderful Sound of Sobriety

sound of sobriety

Creating the Wonderful Sound of Sobriety

CBS News YouTubed this story a few months back, but it only aired a couple days ago. No matter. Its inspirational aspect is downright timeless. It’s also about as close as we’ve even seen someone come to the sound of sobriety. And that alone makes it worthy of continuous replay.

We’re talkin’ about the Appalachian School of Luthiery, which has turned Hindman, Kentucky into one incredibly harmonious place. How? By teaching recovering addicts and alcoholics the art of guitar-making, that’s how. And by turning the Troublesome Creek town into a bona fide sober success story.

Got doubts? Watch on. Then head over to CBS News for the full story. You too will rejoice in the Sound of Sobriety.

Healing Properties wholeheartedly thanks Mark Strassman and CBS News for bringing us such an inspiring story. We also thank the Appalachian Artisan Center (AAC), the Appalachian School of Luthiery (ASL) and, above all, Master Luthier Doug Naselroad for being so inspiring. And successful! After all, how else would we rate a 71% success rate?

We fully understand that “a 71% success rate is also a 29% failure rate.” We also understand that “some people are just not able to break free.” Yet the fact that Naselroad’s willing to give everyone a coveted second chance – and to do so in such a purpose-creating way – is a gift, as well as a blessing. It should also serve as a blueprint for stakeholders everywhere.

Now back to the Sound of Sobriety!

If you’re seeking the Sound of Sobriety, please give us a ring. We’ll sort you out real quick. Even if you’re closer to the beach than the Appalachians!

Image Courtesy Appalachian School of Luthiery.

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