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Twenty-One Years of Delray Beach Recovery

Delray Beach Recovery

Twenty-One Years of Delray Beach Recovery

Detox. Rehab. Sober Home. The three essential parts of sobriety. Ideally, one leads seamlessly into the next. But addiction is never ideal. Neither is recovery. After devoting the past 21 years to Delray Beach recovery, we know that better than anyone. We also know that of the three, the sober home is the single most essential element in anyone’s sobriety quest.

Think about it. Sure, detox is a hurdle. An often high hurdle at that. But you’re often too out-of-sorts to do anything but succumb to the inevitable. Besides, if you made it into detox, you’ve most likely made up your mind about getting clean.

Rehab though is tricky. Sure, the isolation helps. In fact, it’s crucial. But it also puts a lot of pressure on the patient. Being cut off is one thing. Being cut off and miserable, well, that’s another altogether. That’s why people are often quite tempted to simply bag it.

But what if you don’t bag it? What if you make it through the 30 or 60 or 90 day rehab program and then segue into a sober home? Does that make you sober? Hardly. See, the sober home is generally where the real risk begins. Detox and rehab provide few alternatives. A sober home comes with a (mostly) open door. And that provides all kinds of opportunities to simply walk away.

Solid Delray Beach Sobriety

That’s why Healing Properties runs such a tight ship. That’s also why we have such a high success rate. We don’t coddle. We don’t let our clients run willy-nilly either. At first, you might think it strict. Good. We want you to feel it. We also want you to realize how serious this is to your future.

And we want that future to be full of accomplishments, starting with solid sobriety. When someone overcomes a monumental task, they feel stronger for the effort. They should. Because that person has just proven they’ve got what it takes to get the hard job done. And anyone who can handle life’s most difficult situations, can handle anything.

You’ll be employed within your first week at HP. You’ll also be hitting meetings, grabbing a sponsor and seriously working the 12 Steps. To top it all off, you’ll be doing all this among a group of guys just like you. Sure, some might be from New Jersey or New York. Others might be from Georgia, the Carolinas or North Florida. Still others might come from none of the above. But all will be in South Florida for one thing – to get their life back on track.

In fact, that group of guys will become like family. They’ll provide support, as well as camaraderie. They’ll back your play and be your road dogs. Even better, not a single solitary one of them will judge you. Ever.

Delray Beach Recovery

Healing Properties was getting men sober long before South Florida became the recovery capital of America. We’ll be here long after the hoopla dies down too. See, sobriety isn’t something trendy for us. Neither is recovery. It’s a life or death proposition. And that’s not something to TikTok.

In fact, when HP opened its doors there was no TikTok. And frankly, we won’t miss the platform when it’s gone. Yeah, we may occasionally play its game. But like we said, recovery is all or nothing. And we’re here to give it our all.

Perhaps that’s how we were able to build such a solid Recovered Alumni Program. Week after week, HP veterans prove the strength of our the community. They’ll come to meet, mingle and/or sponsor the new guys. They’ll help them find work and make meetings, as well as do all the little things that make the day-to-day possible. Oh, those vets won’t hold a fella’s hand. But they will point him in the right direction. And, if necessary, they may even provide a ride.

A Recovery-Friendly City

Since Delray Beach is such a recovery-friendly city, new guys have no problems finding the right recovery-friendly employer. It could be a restaurant, it could be in retail, it could even be in one of the trades. There’ll be a spot for you, whatever you’re seeking. And you’ll find that spot quickly.

You’ll also find fast friendship. In addition to the guys in the courtyard (which, you’ll learn, has its own kind of magic), there’s a strong legion of sober souls organizing volleyball tournaments on the beach and handball tournaments on the courts, as well as days at the park tossing a Frisbee or a football. Since Delray Beach is set between the swamp and the deep blue sea, there are other more involved outings, such as river canoeing and ocean kayaking. Then again, you can simply spend the day people-watching on the beach.

Delray Beach isn’t only set between the Everglades and the Atlantic though, it’s also equidistant from both West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, which opens up the world of possibilities even further. Add another 10-15 minutes to your Lauderdale trip and you get Miami, which of course opens up that world further still. In fact, we haven’t found a man yet who hasn’t been able to build a solid life in this region we call home – not if he’s put his heart and his mind and his soul into it.

That’s the thing. Delray Beach is a blank slate. What you create on that slate is entirety up to you. Oh, Healing Properties will provide you with tools alright. We’ll even provide guidance. But we can only help get you up and running. The destination is all on you.

Healing Properties

Whatcha think? Are you ready to quit chasing a high that only lets you down? Wouldn’t you rather devote yourself to something more rewarding? Of course you would. And you can too. You’ve simply gotta make the decision. Once you do though, give us a ring. We’ll help you make sure that decision sticks – and your success sticks with it!

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