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Florida Sobriety: Nothing But Sunshine

Florida Sobriety

Florida Sobriety: Nothing But Sunshine

Some folks say there’s something unique about Florida Sobriety; that it’s not the same as being sober in other states. Maybe it’s the sunshine. Maybe it’s the seaside. Or maybe it’s because Florida has always been a great place for second chances. We think it’s all that and then some. Then again, we’ve enjoyed all that and then some since 2002.

That’s right. Healing Properties started helping men get sober way back in 2002. That was the year American Idol crowned Kelly Clarkson and the American Public frowned gleefully along with The Osbournes. Mostly though, America listened to The Eminem Show, which dominated the airwaves in ways few had ever done before – or since. In fact, BuzzFeed News’ Elamin Abdelmahmoud says “the album went on to become the second-highest-selling of the 21st century.” Then adds that fact that “no other rapper appears in the top 20 bestselling albums of the last 22 years.”

Sobriety though, well, sobriety was sobriety. Meaning, it was pretty much the same as it ever was. You put one foot in front of the other as you took the 12 Steps, and you never, ever got ahead of yourself. Newly sober folk would rave about “living in the present”. Old-timers would just smile and say “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Why? Because frankly, they hadn’t yet seen anything. Not really. Sure, everybody gets excited when the day-at-a-time system starts changing their outlook. But that’s mostly because day-at-a-time eases the mind. When we stop sweating yesterday, as well as tomorrow, even the rainiest days break sunny and blue.

The Sunshine State of course has no shortage of sunshine – or sun-kissed summer rains. Perhaps that’s what makes Florida sobriety so damn different.

And so damn special.

Florida Sobriety

Let’s clock it: Well, like we said, there’s the sun and the sand and the surf, and all the fun that goes along with it all. But Florida sobriety isn’t just about suntans and water sports (though there is that); it’s about the health that comes about as a result of that kind of lifestyle. Physical, mental and emotional. Because in addition to exercise, there’s clarity. And with clarity comes balance. Something addicts and/or alcoholics haven’t experienced since they picked up their substance of choice.

When was the last time you had a meaningful heart-to-heart with your significant other? How about your father or your mother or your sister or your brother? Heck, when was the last time you had a meaningful heart-to-heart with yourself?

For sober folks, that’s a daily occurrence. So is regaining the trust that you lost while you were ripping and running. And that feels better than all the highs in hell.

Can that happen in other states? Of course it can. It does too. Alcoholics Anonymous began in Brooklyn, via Akron, and both New York and Ohio have solid sober communities. In fact, we venture to say that there’s not a town or a county of even marginal size that doesn’t boast some kind of sober support. If somehow they don’t, then it’s surely close. Just follow the smiles.

Healing Properties

Over the last two decades and change, Healing Properties has actually dispatched thousands of those smiles. In fact, you could call us a veritable happy factory. Men come in tired and dejected; then leave sporting smiles a mile wide.

Where do they come from? Name it. North Jersey and New York. South Jersey and Philly. New England, the Midwest and the South. We even get men from Orlando and Tampa, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. Floridians sure. But still seeking Florida sobriety. Because they knew as well as we do, that Florida sobriety is strongest when it’s the focus. And it can be damn hard to focus among the discomforts of home.

A good 60-70% of HP clients head back home to spread the Gospel of Sobriety. The others remain right here in Delray Beach. Why? Well, in addition to all that sun and sea and sand, there’s an incredibly solid sober support network. That means recovery-friendly hangouts to recovery-friendly workplaces. Not to mention enough recovery-minded men to form a league of teams. In fact, on any given weekend you can find them on the fields and the courts that pepper this pocket of paradise.

Of course you can also find friends in the rooms, which operate almost 24-7. In between, there are more than enough sponsors to fill in the downtime. Because, all playing aside, we know sobriety is serious business. Heck, if we didn’t take it seriously there’d be no playing.

And no succeeding either. That’s probably what makes Florida sobriety so extra-special. Since this is the land of second (and third and fourth) chances; chances are better than average that once you get your head on straight, you’ll be able to rock the world. We see it happen daily. And we still get overjoyed every single time. Then again, why shouldn’t we? Watching someone flip the script into the stratosphere is a downright joyous experience.

Got doubts? Check out our testimonials – in print and in clip. There you’ll find first-person proof that Florida sobriety is the be-all to end-all. Better yet, the be-all to be-all and then some!

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