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Guava Ice: Believe the Hype

Guava Ice

Guava Ice: Believe the Hype

In enter the Guava Ice fight. To be fair, these aren’t throwback retro kicks. Not even close. They won’t even set you back a stack or two. But they are dangerous. Incredibly dangerous. And for that you should be forwarned.

After all, forewarned is forearmed,

That’s what the heads at CHAINSFR seem to be up to in their Vaping Be LIke clip. And one walk through the Levels of Vaping will prove it too. Big time.

We’d also like to know:

How’d they get a vape that literally tastes like Wednesday at 6am?

It’s apparently a top flight business secret; it’s also apparently a ruse. We’ll letcha know which when you get the tab.

And you will get the tab. Marked Guava Ice. PAID IN FULL. And it’ll come from the Truth Initiative. And you’ll have to clean up the rest from there.

Meantime, check the clip before you wreck yourself.

Healing Properties advocates a substance-free lifestyle; and yes, that includes Guava Ice. So please, take a moment before exploring. Because its effects are really no joke.

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