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I am NOT a Drug Dealer; I’m a Psychedelic Concierge

Psychedelic Concierge

I am NOT a Drug Dealer; I’m a Psychedelic Concierge

If a concierge is someone who handles various personal duties for a hotel guest, then a psychedelic concierge must then be someone who handles various personal duties for guests visiting other dimensions. In other words, it’s the go-to who books the tickets, secures the seats and does whatever else is necessary to ensure a successful trip. Only in this case, trip is a bit of a double entendre.

Psychedelic concierges are “merely intermediaries who assist those looking for a transcendent experience,” writes The Guardian’s Alaina Demopoulos. So while the traditional concierge assists folks who are seeking a transcendent night on the town, the psychedelic concierge aids and abets those who are seeking the transcendent night of their lives.

Yet as much as their goal is the transcendence that comes as much from within as without, the psychedelic concierge does not – repeat: does not – provide the chemicals that may or may not go within a traveler. Why? Because the psychedelic concierge is not a drug dealer. It’s really as simple as that.

A Psychedelic Concierge

The psychedelic concierge does however take whatever steps necessary to ensure a traveler is suitably prepared for their journey. And yes, that includes both inside and out. That means you won’t find a psychedelic concierge booking passage for someone whose mental state may be a bit fragile or wonky. You won’t find a psychedelic concierge setting up trips for frat boys or bachelorettes either. And if you do happen to stumble upon such a wretch, head for the exit – pronto. Because such a concierge not only isn’t reputable, they’re not safe.

And this is a case where you’ll want a handler who takes every and all precautions. Why? Because you’re seeking the ride of your life. And that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Here’s Zappy

So what exactly does a psychedelic concierge do? Well, we looked into Zappy Zapolin, “Psychedelic Concierge to the Stars”. Then again, Zappy not only led Demopoulos’s Guardian coverage, but he also popped up Number 1 on Google. So yeah, the cat’s obviously doing something right.

Here’s Demopoulos:

“A bald, guru-like figure with a white beard and dark sunglasses, Zappy is telling me about a group of Silicon Valley tech executives that wanted to try something a little different for their most recent corporate retreat. Rather than the normal team-building exercises, they opted for a three-hour “ket-itation” – that’s ketamine and meditation – led by a doctor who gave them lozenges dosed with the dissociative.”

“As they went on their individual trips, they sat together and listened to calming, spa-like music. After their experience, Zapolin tells me, the team reported that they worked together better on projects, had more empathy for each other, and felt a burst of creativity.”

It Gets Even Better

Sounds promising, no? Of course it does. For the Silicon Valley execs, who obviously benefited from the experience, as well as for Zappy, who was likely very well paid. In fact, Zappy told Benzinga that being a psychedelic concierge can be extremely rewarding.

How potentially lucrative can being a psychedelic concierge be? Very! Because this is a specialized skill, it is not something that clients can easily find, or just search for as they would another professional. The amount charged has to do with the amount of handholding and guidance that the psychedelic concierge will need to do to help them sit with the right practitioners, and then integrate their experience back into the client’s regular life.

Zappy continues:

Psychedelic concierges are generally paid thousands of dollars—sometimes, tens of thousands of dollars—and in some cases, six figures.

Here though Zappy isn’t talking about some weekend retreat for Silicon Valley explorers. No, the big bucks are paid to the psychedelic concierge who help folks get off alcohol or drugs, which is another large segment of the trade. It’s also a segment that folks can’t simply wade into willy nilly. Or they shouldn’t anyway. Not if they’re serious about the practice — and their patients.

Not a Drug Dealer

Though psychedelic concierge “might sound like a glorified drug dealer,” Zappy says “he’s no such thing”:

“A hotel concierge does not get you the food you’re going to eat; they just make the reservation. It’s the same with me: I’m advising based on best practices and protocols, and using my network to find the doctor or expert.”

Psychedelic concierges might help folks “find the right ketamine clinic, where an MD provides their infusions.” If, on the other hand, “someone prefers to trip out in nature, the concierge will have connections to scenic retreats, where a shaman or guide gives them their dose.”

Zappy has also helped Fast & Furious actor Michelle Rodriguez with her ayahuasca journey (he even shot a doc called The Reality of Truth). And helped former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom stay sober by setting him up at a clinic that provides ibogaine sessions.

The Psychedelic Concierge is Not a Bad Gig

The psychedelic concierge gig is clearly about to explode. In fact, as more and more folks begin to microdose and hallucinogens lose their stigma, the entire psychedelic field is ripe for expanding. Unfortunately, it’s also ripe for exploiting. Especially considering the still somewhat murkiness of the landscape.

Yet there are definite benefits to be had, whether it’s via ketamine or ibogaine or magic mushrooms or any of the other mind-altering agents currently making the scene. The problem is finding an agent who’s as true to the patient as they are to the profits. In other words, if you’re seeking a psychedelic concierge, please be careful.

Healing Properties neither advocates nor opposes the routes taken by these concierges, or their charges. We just want everyone to be duly informed. We also want everyone to be well. For us that means sober. And if it takes a tripster to get you over to our side of the great equation, well, who are we to argue?

Speaking of which… Are you seeking sobriety? Have you finally given up on hard drugs and alcohol? Would you like to get some of the sweet life sobriety has to offer? Then please, give us a ring. We’ll help get you sorted quick. Real quick. And you’ll be able to dispense with the psychedelic concierge altogether!

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