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Jan 6 Pot Smoker is Going Away to Jail

Jan 6 Pot Smoker

Jan 6 Pot Smoker is Going Away to Jail

Our Jan 6 pot smoker thought he was the cat’s meow. He must’ve. Why else would he kick back with his legs up on a conference table and light up a joint in esteemed Senator Jeff Merkley’s office? Well, that man – Brandon Craig Fellows – is now one of over 1300 people who’ve been charged in the Jan 6 insurrection. And trust us, it was an insurrection.

But Fellows hasn’t simply been charged though; he’s actually been convicted of obstruction of an official proceeding, a felony, as well as several misdemeanors, including illegally entering and remaining in a restricted building. He’s also been sentenced – to 37 months in prison on the riot-related charges, plus five months on a contempt of court charge.

And get this: the Judge doing the sentencing was a Trump appointee!

Boy, does that warm our soul with absolute joy!

Lock ‘em up!

Now we’re not for anyone going away to jail, especially for marijuana. If anything, we’re in full support of its decriminalization. But Brandon Craig Fellows isn’t going away for pot; he’s going away because he went too far. What he did was an egregious affront to our democracy, as well as the institution of the Senate; things that are sacrosanct in this country. And for that he should be made to pay. That Trump appointee Judge Trevor N. McFadden handed him the bill only accentuates its necessity.

Philosophically though, you might say we’re more of a mind with Rev. Jim Keena, who took to the pages of the Yellowstone Theological Institute and laid out his case with consummate clarity and good sense.

On January 6, I was horrified as the crowd laid seize to the Capitol. Even though some held Bibles aloft, there was neither anything holy nor biblical about the attack. Their assault of our civil servants was wicked. Blue lives didn’t matter to them! Like Peter attacking Malchus, they were assaulting the wrong people, fighting the wrong way. Jesus’ harsh rebuke still rings true, “No more of this!” No more lies. No more hatred. No more attacks. Jesus repudiates such violence and so should we.

Of course, you don’t need to believe in Jesus to be disgusted by the actions of the insurrectionists – a good dose of common sense would suffice. And their so-called fight is a far cry from the Messiah’s. But if Jesus could repudiate attacks after all he’d been through, there’s no reason we can’t do likewise. Think about it. Please.

The Antidote to Reason

Hopefully the charges that have been handed down will bring some sense to the proceedings. If so, it’d be a far cry from the way Fellows described things on social media in the days after the riot, which was a veritable antidote to reason:

“Brought my heart joy to see these members terrified for their lives,” he wrote in one post, according to court records, referring to lawmakers. “For what they have done and are doing to this country, I hope they live in constant fear.”

Nice. Quite nice.

On Behalf of the Jan 6 Post Smoker

Healing Properties hopes Fellow becomes more that the Jan 6 pot smoker, but we’ve got our doubts, especially after those social slurs. After all, anyone who wishes lawmakers live in constant fear even after the insurrection has gotta be a bit unhinged. Who knows? Maybe becoming the Jan 6 pot smoker was the most accomplished thing that’s ever happened to the converted-school-bus-dwelling handyman. We sincerely hope it isn’t though. Because it would be a helluva anticlimactic was to go.

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